07/08/13 (Updated)

Brian McCann's wife Ashley McCann

Brian McCann's wife Ashley McCann (maiden name Ashley Jarusinski) was reported online to run an upscale clothing boutique in Duluth, GA which was given to her as a gift from her mother.  Those reports, however, have been confirmed as untrue.

Brian and Ashley were married in December, 2007.

A few weeks ago, we posted a link to an online wedding registry for the couple.  After speaking with people directly involved with the couple, we have decided to pull down specific details surrounding this, out of respect to their privacy.

We'll admit that we made fun of Dan Haren last week for keeping his registry up for 8 months after his wedding, but the McCann's remained up for almost 700 full days after their wedding, which was the genesis of our pretty tame prank.

Because of this, we purchased a gift from their registry in a way to have some fun with what we found.  At no point did we intend any harm to the couple, and hope they can laugh at the intended good nature of the joke.

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14 Responses to “Brian McCann's wife Ashley McCann”

  1. Matt

    Brian McCann does not have time to take down his registry with all the dominating he does

  2. Tricia

    Neither Ashley or Brian really have the time to remember to take down a registry, I'm sure that is the last thing on there mind. Both of them are very busy.
    Love ya both.

  3. thinds

    We understand that they're busy... We all are, right? But surely they can't be too busy to thank the polite young men who sent them a congratulatory wedding gift, right?

  4. Breanne

    Go Braves!!!!!!

  5. Melissa

    I love Uptown Girl and Ashley is the best at taking care of the customer. I had no idea she was married to Brian McCann until I just saw the spot during the SF rain delay.

  6. Anonymous

    has there baby come and if yes what was it

  7. IVA

    what was brian and ashley baby

  8. braves10

    Are the McCann's expecting their second child?

  9. Jesse

    Are the McCann's expecting their second child?

    Interesting since Ashley is going to be induced this weekend as Brian will miss tonight's game and they are expecting their first child which is supposed to be a boy, she wasn't due until next weekend as Atlanta is Washington. I'm guessing she had a miscarriage as she was pregnant back in the summer/fall of 2010.

  10. Judy Avants

    Welcome to the new baby. Enjoy him.

  11. Brian McCann fan

    Congrats to Ashley and Brian McCann. Love the baby's name. Enjoy !

  12. maggie maund

    can u ask joe and chip tomorrow if they can put some pics of ur baby god bless yall

  13. Jamez shit urn

    Congratulations to you both long live you both in happiness and may you zll recusvex thd goodness of all god can give.

  14. Bill

    Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Yankees family!!! Love having both of you!