Steve Stricker’s wife Nicki Stricker


  1. Jim Riddle

    Hi Nicki,
    Sciatica is a strange and sometimes very painful condition, but I’m sure Steve is in excellent hands with whoever is treating him. I’m an avid Atlanta golfer in my 60’s and have watched and admired Steve for a long time.I tried everything short of surgery for 3 years to relieve sciatic pain that took my golf game to the point of “retirement”.
    Finally found a doctor in Atlanta with a “stretching machine” that cured the condition. After 3 thirty minute sessions over a 10 day period the pain went away.
    If Steve’s condition continues I would be more than happy to put him in touch with Dr. Paul Drilling here in Atlanta.
    In any event all the best to you, Steve, and your family.
    Jim Riddle

  2. Suzie

    We are huge Steve And Nicki Stricker Fans. loved them when we lived in Milwaukee. And love them now that we retired to Surprise, AZ. look forward to seeing him in all the tournaments he plays and always are rooting for him. We remember when she caddy’d for him…how wonderful was that.

    Best of luck to them both.

  3. Steven Williams

    You APPROVE of your husband going out and killing things, i.e. “hunting”? Just for the fun of it? I love golf and love golfers but to consider “sport hunting” alongside golf as a thing to do”? Not a chance and I am saddened Steve is a part of it.

  4. TAmara


    My late husband and I wrote to you and Steve back in the early 2000’s and told you of our Wisconsin roots, our confidence in Steve winning it all in the future, and you, his beautiful dutiful wife who caddied for him. What a loyal supporter of his career you have been!!!!!

    We have an autographed picture of Steve which he sent us. And we love it and have it framed. My husband died almost 2 years ago I just now am getting back into watching golf. Please kow that we loved you both, and I still champion you, Steve, and your beautiful family. We had advised Steve several years ago to separate himself from Woods, that philandering jerk, and told him to guard his marriage. So glad to see that he finally did!

    Glod Bless you, Steve, and family. Stay close to The Lord, always. WE Love You!! I praise God for you both.


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