Scott Piercy’s Wife Sara Piercy


  1. Kevin

    Good thing no one else reads this crap. Thats the problem with the Internet. 75% of article, better yet…. The rambling ….is incorrect/misquoted. Thats the problem with the Internet. Every bozo in the world can simply make shit up and type in in a blog. Signed: the real person who lives in the Hooks Residence.

  2. Kevin Brown

    But the important thing is she is a trump fan! And the biggest true fact here is she is Fun which is an understatement, she is a freaking blast! Fun read of Sara though!

  3. F Trump

    Being a fan of our Jackass POTUS is a massive STRIKE against her. That tells me all I need to know about her and not in a good way. She is physically stunning but because she is a fan of Dolt 45 – she is ugly.

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