Rory McIlroy’s girlfriend Nadia Forde

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  1. Chuck L.

    It’s like this guys……..At one time, let’s take any hot Hollywood chick now, someone got tired of banging them….After a while, something else always looks BETTER….The true marriages have substance to them, many more things that hold couples together than a “romp in the sack!”…..As great examples, look at Jsck Nicklaus, Arnie Palmer(till his wife died!), Jim Furyk and many, many more…..They had communication, loyalty, understanding, trust, dependability and maturity, NOT A SNORT OF POWDER AND A “SLAM BAM, THANK YOU MAM!!”….As my Dad used to always tell me—-“Son, you turn ’em upside down, and they all look like sisters, only some were hit with a bigger axe!”…..

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