Robert Garrigus’ wife Ami Garrigus


  1. tom coogan

    nyc tom c, sober n clean 37 yrs. unfort a 18 handicap, but lad, i dont know ya, but we are brothers in recovery. stay clean n sober no matter what. ingrain it in your new way of life. id b dead or in jail if i didnt get sober. ive had my trails in sobriety but ive became a top earner in my profession,all due to sobriety. and guess what ? i notice u on tv 2 yrs ago n said to myself.this guy got game n is here to stay as he hits it a mile.congrats on a good pga. if in nyc give a ring or email 1 st . one day at a time we do together what we cant do alone—-stay sober god bless lad n ami-thank you for supporting robert, sincerely, tom coogan

  2. Tee

    Ami is THE MOST kind hearted woman you will ever meet! A great mother and wife…Robert is very blessed to have her in his corner. You’re amazing Ami!

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