Miguel Angel Jimenez’s wife (ex) Marian Jimenez and girlfriend Susanne Styblo


  1. fatima

    Mariane Jimenez was never married to Miguel Angel. It is only a coincidence that they both have the same last name.

  2. Mary

    Thanks for this article, I’m only want to say the writer it’s really good, it’s true that she never married Miguel but she was fiancée three years ago with him really fall in love of him, with connivance.

    Fatima and Mary I only want to say” youth it’s not at odds with intelligence” that’s all.

    Kinds regards

  3. scmaize

    We are talking about human beings here, not race horses. How rude and insulting to say that one woman is a “major upgrade” from another! You don’t even know these people. You do not know if one is an “upgrade” or not, and your opinions of how attractive or young someone is are not important. Try acting like an adult, and, if possible, a decent human being.

  4. Glen MacDonald

    I am with Smaize. .the writer has a very shallow outlook on life and relationships and needs a few lessons in social graces.his comments and prospective her totally unacceptable

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