Jason Dufner’s wife Amanda Dufner


  1. Duke Brahs

    Amanda and Jason,

    Congratulations on a fantastic win. Really enjoy you and Keegan.

    Great job!!! Your a class act

  2. kenny clark. Home

    You are a beautiful person inside and out.. continue to be who you are with class and dignity and we will be eternally grateful…congrats to Jason!!!!

  3. Texan

    I am glad to see him win a major and hope he wins more! I love Fred Couples and have to say that the way Jason plays and carries himself is getting to be my next favorite. Keep it up!

    Congrats to both of you!

  4. Jarod

    Amanda, you are truly within the top small handful of most gorgeous women in the world. Friendly face andeyes, great public appearances that do no-one any shame or harm and quite simply, stunning to see nomatter where.

    Jason, huge congtatulations on your PGA Championship win. You’re a pleasure to watch play. But as for winning, you’ve already won the biggest prize there is: a loving, supportive and beautiful wife.

    Congrats to you both & best wishes for a happy life with many more big wins (of any kind).

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