Inbee Park’s Boyfriend Gihyeob (G.H.) Nam


  1. Mllika

    me too man, i caught my gf over a month ago ceihtang it is not your fault she is the one who has the deffeect move on man, she’s not worth even a drop of pity there’s nothing wrong with you, some girls are really cheatersand likes to play all the time with our feelings just dont get fooled next time let that be as a lesson learned to you as it was to me also

  2. T

    Her first major win “proved to be premature”? The person who plays the best golf over the four days of a tournament wins, period. The last paragraph is a rehashing of the tired joke (however accurate it may be) about the avid golfer whose girlfriend or wife takes up the game for the sole reason of spending more time with her beau. Who writes this schlock? Buddy, if your wife was a touring pro when you met her, odds are she’s a better a golfer than the club schlub who typically tells this joke by 10 strokes minimum. I have no idea what a writing gig for this site pays… well, maybe I do. For this kind of writing, what do you get – something like two cents per word?

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