Hunter Mahan’s wife Kandi Harris


  1. Bob M

    Im lost at why Hunter is a B+ golfer. Hes not Tiger but the dude has a sweet ass swing and he is easily one of best 15-20 on PGA Tour. Besides, his wife is very cute but being a Cowboys cheerleader means what? It means she can fall in love with a pretty darn good golfer and be happy I hope.

  2. Eh

    I went to school with Kandi. She’s the most kind hearted person you’ll ever meet. Far from a slut.

  3. Roberts

    Amazed that you can judge a person by what she or he does…Hunter is an Excellent Golfer who has played an represented America in he Ryder’s Cup I believe that’s for A player! As For Kandi Harris Mahan, you will not met a kinder, sweeter,young lady in your life. I have known her since she was in junior high school I was one of her teachers and a coach at her school. She is an amazing athlete where she excelled in track 100 and 200 yd dash and was on the relay team, played volleyball, and was a honor roll student. She was a student council representative and cheerleader. Never would the word slut be used to describe her during her junior high or high school years. Just because some one worked hard for what she wanted does not by anyway make her a slut. Evidently some places if you work hard, be kind to others, you DON’T have to spread your legs…….KIM….for all you dreams to come true.

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