Henrik Stenson’s wife Emma Lofgren


  1. Pauline Caust

    Whoever wrote this article should be sacked. If the comments were made about a black American athlete and his wife all hell would break loose. The very idea of comparing any athlete to Dennis Rodman makes me want to puke. I will not be visiting this site again.

  2. Thomas O'Neill III

    That is the most disgusting comment I think I have ever read. I do not think I would like the person vy much that wrote this comment for sure.

  3. TBH

    Besides being tasteless, a quick Google search proves this writer’s opinion unfounded (Stenson loves edgy practical jokes, and his wife is an accomplice in them). Does an athlete need to be a serial adulterer, like Woods, to avoid being labeled “boring”?

  4. Bobby Didier

    I bet everything that I have and everything I hope to have that Henrick is a lot happier than Woods.
    By the way Henrick won the British open. He gave one of the greatest performances in the history
    of golf. After Henrick won, it was pretty obvious that the Stensons are deeply in love. The writer of
    this article is writing about things that she knows nothing about. According to sports writers, Henrick
    is one of the Greatest Interviews in sports. He is extremely funny and very interesting and an all round
    good guy, with a good looking wife that he loves very much. Woods can just dream about a like as good as
    Henricks is.

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