Graeme McDowell’s girlfriend Kristin Stape


  1. Sandra O 'Hare

    Hello Kristin,

    I just watch the interview Graeme did with David Feherty. I was so taken with him. You can see his Mom and Dad raised a wonderful son.

    A girlfriend never came up in the interview. So, of course I Googled him. I was told once, by my mother. When you date, always look at how your boyfriend treats his mother. You have a KEEPER!!!!

    He is in my top four to win the US Open……And it is Fathers Day!!!!!

    Best Wishes to you both.


  2. Eddie Haskell

    Hey, Kristen!

    Do you ever wish your parents had spent some money to get that crossed eye of yours fixed? Do you see mainly out of your right eye or your left eye? Do you think you should warn Graeme that it might be hereditary?

  3. jennifer

    Congratulations on dating graeme he seams a really nice person . I always cheer him on when he plays golf . Good luck to you both xx

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