Gary Woodland’s wife Gabby Granado


  1. golfbum798

    Does “Gabby” do anything else besides “watch his dogs” and “call his sports therapist”? Does she just sit home and wait for the money to roll in? Sounds like she is just eye candy to me… IDK. She is cute, but he is not so bad himself – and I think he could find someone with depth AND a LIFE of her own – maybe that is why they aren’t married yet after all these years??? IMHO… He is in the comfort zone, and will wake up and smell the excitement soon enough once he hits the top 3 – which should be soon given his great start in January 2015! (minus the last missed cut)

  2. Stan Rasmussen

    Love Gary Woodlands stars and stripes shoes… would like to know if they’re available any where… thanks

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