Bo Van Pelt’s wife Carrie Van Pelt


  1. VP

    I think you’re an arrogant prick. Your thoughts about my brother are completely inaccurate. AND for the record, he makes more money than Kim Kardashian. You think Carrie makes even a tenth of that? Nope.

  2. Mike Hollifield

    I know a little about Bo and Carrie because I trimmed their house.
    As far as I’m concerned, they are very good and kind people. If you
    think he doesn

  3. Jack

    I played golf with Bo when we were children and he is the same guy today as he was as a kid.. And he is playing the most difficult sport to reach the top and he’s made a damn good living for himself… He’s a family man …. Bottom line….

  4. Chef

    I agree w you all except him! My man you should pray and do that for your family – that’s as much advice I can give your sir – I’m a chef and let me tell you, you should be a man and apogize to the family ✌?️

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