Bernhard Langer’s wife Vikki Carol


  1. Richard L. McKirahan


    Congrats on your win.

    I was deeply impressed with your praise and testimony to Jesus Christ. Thank you for your open love for Him.
    Have a blessed day and a wonderful Forever.

    Keep looking up.

    Because of Him,

    Richard L. McKirahan
    Decatur, Ill.

  2. George Bancroft

    Mr . Longer
    I just saw you win the senior PGA championship at Trump national golf club in Washington, D.C.

    While you were being interviewed, you gave thanks and praise to OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST
    quoting proverbs and I thought that was just wonderful.

    May God continue to Bless you richly as you give Him the thanks and the Glory!

    My hip aches just like yours does my brother! But I have a year on you!

    One day we will feel no pain and The Lord will wipe away every tear.

    Until then, keep on praising him and winning souls in His Name!
    George M Bancroft
    L.I. , New York

  3. Vincent G Kim

    I admire his religious mind and behavior very much. My kind of roll model. God bless his family along with him.

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