Adam Scott’s wife Marie Kojzar


  1. david roberts

    The lady looks very pretty & he looks very happy with her,
    he has courted some really beautiful women,
    but for me Anna was just somthing very special in every way.
    lucky boy!


    aDAM SHE IS BEAUTIFUL AND GOES WELL WITH YOUR GOOD LOOKS. DO NOT go on the bachelor, as most of us would loose all respect for you.we are old ladies who enjoys seeing a bright young man being not only a good golfer but you seem to be a gentleman also. May 2014 be even better than this year. God bless.

  3. Alex Mc Lauchlan

    Congratulations on your wedding. All of your.many fans would wish you every happiness. We hope you will again pay us the honour of again playing in Australia. Hope you get the chance to play Arundel Hills with Dylan Campbell. Our group were fortunate enough to have followed you last time. Cheers & good luck.

  4. Sydne

    Adam Scott is now married. I was watching the players championship today and he announced it in a press conference. Check it out and maybe update this article!

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