Ryan Merritt’s Girlfriend Sarah Brushaber


Ryan Merritt’s girlfriend Sarah Brushaber sounds lovely and slightly unprepared for the MLB spotlight. A bunch of people bought them items off their wedding registry following Ryan’s ALCS performance. She said she it was “the last thing we expected.” After the win, her father told her people bought gifts for them. She asked her parents if anything showed up. They scheduled their wedding for January. Since the registry incident, Ryan and Sarah talked to local Cleveland news. Sarah…

Mike Clevinger’s Wife Monica Clevinger


Mike Clevinger’s wife Monica Clevinger just gave birth to their first baby. Before she gave birth, she attended every home game possible. The couple lives in Cleveland, and she is a huge Indians fan, as you might expect. Following the birth, they named their daughter Penelope. Monica took Penelope to her first game on May 12 of 2016. Mike pitched and won the game. Monica also attends Columbus Blue Jackets games with Mike in their…

Theo Epstein’s wife Marie Whitney


Theo Epstein’s wife Marie Whitney celebrated with her husband after the Cubs finished off the Dodgers on the way to the World Series. Theo Epstein and Marie Whitney, along with the entire city of Chicago, have a lot to celebrate. You see, the Cubs have been in something of a World Series drought. After winning back-to-back World Series championships in 1907 and 1908, the Cubs haven’t won one since. They made it to the World Series eight times since then, most…

Josh Tomlin’s Wife Carlie Tomlin


Josh Tomlin’s wife Carlie Tomlin is the mother of their two baby girls. Both children are less than three years old, and they both seem to enjoy attending Indians games. Though at their age, who can really say if they “enjoy” going to baseball games? You could take them to public floggings and tell them it’s awesome, and they’d be into it. Carlie stated in February of this year how happy she was that the two…

Kenley Jansen’s Wife Gianni Jansen


Kenley Jansen’s wife Gianni Jansen calls Kenley her best friend. This sounds kinda weird to me now. Isn’t every wife or husband a best friend by default? Are you really going to marry someone you “kind of get along with”? Please, stop saying “married to my best friend”. I’m not sure the purpose. It sounds like you’re trying to show off, but I know you’re not. I get that it might also express gender equality….

Joc Pederson’s Girlfriend Kelsey Williams


Joc Pederson’s girlfriend Kelsey Williams graduated from Duke University in 2014. She stands a towering 5’11” and played volleyball all four years of college. She was born in North Carolina but grew up in a town called Pleasanton, California. Kelsey is now 23 years old, and she is also the sister of Avery and Marin Williams. Joc showed up at a few events with her like the Dodgers Blue Diamond Gala in July of 2016. She wore…

Brian Hoyer’s wife Lauren Hoyer

Brian Hoyer's wife Lauren Scrivens Hoyer

Brian Hoyer’s wife Lauren Hoyer is a native of Moore, OK. Brian and Lauren returned to OK to help with cleanup efforts following a tornado that hit Moore in May, 2013. Hoyer told the Chronicle-Telegram why he went back: Very, very fortunate to have no injuries and everybody’s safe. Obviously damage. I know it’s tough, there’s so much devastation. But just to do my part, I feel like it’s the right thing to do, especially when…

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