Odell Beckham’s Girlfriend Stephanie Acevedo

Odell Beckham's girlfriend Stephanie Acevedo - Instagram (@stephs_music)

This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve covered Odell Beckham’s girlfriend before. He’s been with Amber Rose, some chick named Sophie Campise, and of course the bizarre story with not with another woman named Erica Mendez claiming to be engaged to the guy (despite never meeting)….

Kyle Rudolph’s Wife Jordan Nine Rudolph

Kyle Rudolph's Wife Jordan Nine Rudolph - Instagram

Kyle Rudolph’s wife Jordan Nine Rudolph married him February 13 of 2016 in Cabo San Lucas. It’s hard to beat Cabo for a wedding destination. I’ve seen a few pro athletes get married there. It’s a perfect place to have your honeymoon after the ceremony….

Alysia Montano’s Husband Louis Montano

Alysia Montano's Husband Louis Montano - Instagram

Alysia Montano’s husband Louis Montano may have felt nervous about his wife running an 800 meter race when she was eight months pregnant, but the doctors gave her the thumbs up. This was back in August of 2014 so by now they’ve had their daughter Linnea…

Emma Coburn’s Boyfriend Joe Bosshard

Emma Coburn's Boyfriend Joe Bosshard - Instagram

Emma Coburn’s boyfriend Joe Bosshard has a pretty dominating name. He’s a boss and he plays hard. Both he and Emma attended the University of Colorado and ran competitively. Joe himself was a four-time All-American. He mostly ran in the 800, 1500, 5K and 10K…

Gina Carano’s Boyfriend Kevin Ross

Gina Carano's Boyfriend Kevin Ross - Instagram

Gina Carano’s boyfriend Kevin Ross is a cool Muay Thai kickboxer. TMZ first reported Gina’s unveiling with her by way of an Instagram of them kissing. So if they break up she’ll have to go back and delete that picture– always fun to go on a photo…

Mykayla Skinner’s Boyfriend Crew Mitchell

Mykayla Skinner's Boyfriend Crew Mitchell -Instagram

Mykayla Skinner’s boyfriend Crew Mitchell sort of looks like a counterfeit Justin Bieber. They’re both pretty good looking people. Mykayla herself kind of has that stunted baby gymnast thing going on, but that’s kind of just part of being a world-class gymnast. She’s super strong…

Andrew McCutchen’s wife Maria McCutchen

Andrew McCutchen's girlfriend Maria Hanslovan

Congratulations are in order for Andrew McCutchen’s wife Maria McCutchen. The couple was married on November 22, which aligns nicely with Andrew’s jersey number (which is 22). With McCutchen safe to avoid the drama of hot stove season, the couple is safe to jet out on…

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