Brittney Griner’s Girlfriend Glory Johnson

Brittney Griners girlfriend Glory Johnson has to put up with Brittney being (in her own words) “a grumpy little light bright, and a stubborn 6’8 fool sometimes.” That was what she said on her Instagram, and she thanked her girlfriend and fiance Glory. Brittney asked Glory to be her wife back in April. The moment was documented in pictures, and Brittney told USA Today  “I was more nervous (proposing) than anything in my whole life….

Chamique Holdsclaw’s girlfriend (ex) Jennifer Lacy

It’s amazing to see how professional athletes can have cataclysmic falls from grace when their playing days are up. One of the 8 people to ever play in the WNBA that I can name (8 is generous), is Chamique Holdsclaw. Holdsclaw’s career in the WNBA was up and down, plagued by injury, and a surprising, unexplained retirement in 2007 and unretirement in 2008. She finally departed the league in 2010 Off the court, Holdsclaw never…

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