Serena Williams boyfriend, rapper Common


  1. Jessie

    I just want to say that I just love Common and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s a beautiful thing when two people find love just as ling as commitment goes with it. And last, Serena is beautiful to me and have a georgeous body. Be encouraged Lonnie and Serena. I say hands up to you both.
    Ms. Jessie Goodman

  2. Abdul

    I had prayed for this relationship of thiers to work. They look very happy and I still believe no matter what they will find happiness in any decision they take with regards their relationship. I admire Serena for her strong stance on family values.

    Wish you well both.


  3. Christopher Makukula

    She is a star and deserves better! Above all she is very beautiful and hard working person in life. So please do not hurt her feelings! I wish and hope that she will be happy ever after! She is only human just like you and me. She is looking for someone love her and make her happy! It is my sincere hope that “Common” has gone into her life with guanine feelings and intentions! I am her biggest fan out here in Africa. I hardly miss her games on DSTV super-sport! My advise to both “MARRIAGE is for BETTER FOR WORSE, IN SICKNESS AND IN GOOD HEALTH, IN BAD TIMES AND IN GOOD TIMES ……..” In this regard both must be ready for any eventualities!

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