Roger Federer’s wife Mirka (Miroslava) Vavrinec


  1. FedererFan

    Federer will be again no1, he has pause, and now he is ready to destroy Djokovic and Nadal.

    Go Fedex

  2. John

    It’s never good when the woman weighs more than the man in the relationship. Roger is the greatest tennis player ever. His wife wouldn’t be ranked in the Top 200 – he can do much better. Or should have done much better.

  3. JS

    Federer’s wife does NOT weigh more than Fed. But even if she did….it seems that looks and weight are the most important thing to you in a relationship. Looks fade! This relationship seems to be built on respect and love. Maybe you could learn a thing or two from that. You are in deep trouble if this is how YOU approach your relationships.

  4. marjorie holder

    It matters not what she weighs She is a beautiful looking person and looks so enthused at times and disappointed at times when he plays. It is obvious she goes through his agony in defeat and his happiness in winning He is obviously very happy in his life with her and now the children.

  5. Leanne Shaw

    Roger will always be best he is amazing. I saw Mirka at the Australain Open and she is also an amazing person. They were met to be a couple . There relationship I believe is love respect and amazing amount of love. Good luck to you both. Good luck for your future

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