Martina Navratilova’s girlfriend (ex) Toni Layton


  1. Barbara

    When a relationship breaks down,& there is no going back. I believe if theres no children involved, both parties should walk away and none of this suing business.

  2. sharona

    If there’s no children no support. Unless for some reason you’re together for and extremely long time. But as a general rule if you’re togeher make your own money.

  3. Alyson

    I knew Toni years ago and she was a very sweet woman who gave up a loving husband, a nice home and a wonderful life to be Martina’s support system and wife. She gave up a lot and deserved a lot in return. I’m glad she got some payment and hope she can pull herself up from this nightmare. I know she deeply loved Martina.

  4. Victoria

    This lady was not very honest, she said she was in an unofficial marriage with Martina while she still was married with a man of which she said it was a marriage of convenience and was never consummated.
    So how could she say she was married with Martina for 7 years if she stayed married to a man for 5 years of their relationship.
    Toni had two different stories, one for the english and the american press. BTW it was early 2008 when it was ended not 2009.

  5. c

    I feel so sorry this happened to you…how horrible…even though a deep understanding of Martina’s family background and history give some insight to such behavior, there is no justifying such heartbreak. Hope you have found joy in your life again, since that time. And best wishes for you in your life!

  6. Darcy de Orleans

    When two adults meet, live together and break feeling is u don’t owe anything to that person..nothing in life is certain…if there is children then that’s a different thing totally…but this woman freeloading off Martina all those years didn’t deserve 3 mill in my opinion…maybe 50,000 if that to get resettled etc. and GET A LIFE! Work! Like all of us! She wanted to punish Martina for falling out if love with get but being gay I know the rules if the road..great while it lasts bummer when it’s over but even if they were married she didn’t dee serve a payout if that size !!! No way!! Scrounger!

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