St. Louis Rams Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Jeff Fisher's wife (ex) Juli Fisher



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I have to think deep down inside the end of Super Bowl XXXIV still eats away at Jeff Fisher. Really how can it not. You work your entire life to get to that moment and have it end one yard short, I'm not sure how you move on from a moment like that. Especially when you consider that Jeff hasn't gotten back to the big game since XXXIV. Well I will tell you one way you get over a game like that: faith. And faith, is exactly what Jeff and his now ex-wife Juli turned to after a life changing moment like that. In an interview with, Juli Fisher said:

"The Lord poured out such blessing on us,. In God's economy, it didn't matter who won that game."

Jeff and Juli met back when Jeff was a big time star at the University of Southern California (USC). The Trojans were playing in the Rose Bowl and like most of the college bowls, the teams are required to participate in various events during the week leading up the game. That year the Trojans participated in "The Beef Bowl", an eating contest at a restaurant called Lawry's Restaurant. At this event the Tournament of Roses invited their Princesses of the Parade to the beef bowl, one of who was Juli. I think you know the rest of the story after that.

From there Jeff and Juli married in 1986 and ended up having 3 children, Brandon, Trent and Tara. As I mentioned above faith and religion played a big part of Jeff and Juli's life. While in Tennessee the couple was actively involved in the Mercy Ministry and held many charity events to help raise money. Despite the couples strong faith based relationship Jeff and Juli separated in 2008 with Juli alleging "inappropriate marital conduct" on Jeff's part(and if you want to read between the lines, I think we can all see that it's likely that Juli thought Jeff may have been stepping out on her). This wasn't the first time the couple separated, in 2004 the couple separated but did not divorce. Now Jeff is a single guy trying to turn around the team that stopped him in Super Bowl XXXIV, the St. Louis Rams.


Steven Jackson's girlfriend Imani Showalter



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One of the breakout stars of VH1's basketball wives was Imani Showalter, who was the ex-fiancee to Stephen Jackson who has played for a number of teams in the NBA. Though their relationship didn't survive, it does appear that there's new romance in the air, and that Imani Showalter is now dating Steven Jackson.

Wait, what?

According to an exclusive report from, Imani Showalter is now dating Steven Jackson.... Only this Steven Jackson happens to be one of the premier running backs in the NFL, and not a journeyman wing in the NBA. According to the Media Take Out report, Jackson and Showalter have been dating for a few months, but only recently took their relationship public when attending a wedding in Jamaica together in April, for one of Showalter's friends. Their source describes Jackson as "smitten," with Showalter and has been showering her with expensive trips and gifts in addition to shopping for a ring together.

Showalter added some credence to the rumors with the following tweets:

Went to a beautiful wedding in Jamaica today! Love was definitely in the air. My time soon come ;-)
I'm feeling like I need 39 kisses today.

So far no comment from Steven Jackson's camp.

There's been no confirmation from Jackson's camp.


Sam Bradford's girlfriend Karlie Kloss



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Oh Sam, what the hell were you thinking?

That outfit has to be a joke right? I mean there is no way your girlfriend, who happens to be one of the world's top up and coming models, would let you wear a sweater like that right? To steal a line from the ESPN football guys, come on man. If you keep dressing like that there is no way you'll be able to keep your hot model girlfriend for very long.

So the outfit I'm talking about also happens to be from the picture that got the couple discovered. At the 2012 Coachella festival a picture was snapped of Sam Bradford and girlfriend Karlie Kloss, and the two were later confirmed as a couple. Seems like Coachella is always a place to find the hipsters with the significant others. Must be that combo of California spring and trendy music that draws that crown in.

For those not familiar with Karlie's work you should be. She is one of the hottest young models out there now, and when I say young I mean real young. At the time of the picture Karlie was 19 but had a birthday in August so Karlie is now 20. Before people go calling Sam a creep and all that let's remember Sam himself is only 24 so the age difference really isn't that great. Still, it has to be frustrating that your girlfriend can't legally buy you a drink with all her modeling money, right? Then again I'm going to guess Karlie has no problem getting into any hot club she wants so this probably isn't as big of a deal as I'm making it.

Karlie is from the St. Louis area which answers the question of how Sam and Karlie got together. One of the first big advertising gigs Karlie had was for Abercrombie but she has since moved on to much bigger projects like Victoria Secret, Gucci, Versace, etc. Seems to run the table on big name designers here. Tyra Banks has said that Karlie is her favorite current model right now. If Sam wants to keep his young, smoking hot girlfriend I'm going to guess he will need to play a little better than he did in 2011 which turned out to be a lost season for Sam. After a strong start in his rookie year things fell apart in 2011. Due to the bad 2011 many "experts" see 2012 as a make or break year for Sam. Regardless of how 2012 turns out at least Sam will always have his technicolor sweeter to fall back on, and Karlie