Tre Mason’s Girlfriends Meagan Marciante and Natasha

Meagan Maciante

Tre Mason’s girlfriends Meagan Marciante and Natasha seem to be dealing fine with him having two love interests. To be honest, Tre Mason seems like a nice guy, and I’m not going to judge him. After everything that’s swirled around, I have to remind myself…

Todd Gurley’s Girlfriend Olivia Davison

Todd Gurley's girlfriend Olivia Davidson - Instagram

Todd Gurley’s girlfriend Olivia Davison now has plenty of time with her man. Todd has had a helluva’ rough year this year as a Junior running back at Georgia. Olivia herself seems to be doing a lot better recently than he is. Todd’s girlfriend Olivia…

Austin Davis’ Wife Heather Davis

Austin Davis' Wife Heather Davis - Instagram

Austin Davis’ wife Heather Davis blogs about her marriage’s “sin.” Coincidentally, I wonder if putting the word “sin” in quotations makes me the Antichrist? Isn’t it supposed to have profound weight and importance? Putting it in quotations kind of takes the bite out of it….

Shaun Hill’s Wife Ashton Hill

Shaun Hill's wife wife Ashton Hill - Facebook

There’s not much I can tell you about Shaun Hill’s wife Ashton Hill other than the two enjoyed one of the most white-bread weddings ever back in 2010. I watched their wedding video on Youtube, which is one of the only places you can catch…

Robert Quinn’s Wife Christina Quinn

Robert Quinn's wife Christina Quinn - Facebook

Pro athletes can be strong, good-natured, generous people. Robert Quinn’s wife Christina Quinn would no doubt agree because her husband Robert really seems to be that kind of guy. But like mere mortals, they aren’t always lovers of reason. I would venture to guess that…

Michael Sam’s Boyfriend Vito Cammisano

MIchael Sam's boyfriend

UPDATE 01/09/2014: On a European vacation, Michael Sam’s boyfriend Vita Cammisano became engaged to the currently out of work NFL player. In an Instagram post from one of Vito’s former teammates on the University of Missouri swim team, the couple was congratulated (and to further…

Who is Michael Sam’s boyfriend?

Michael Sam's boyfriend? MizzouTigers

In a celebration worthy announcement, Missouri Defensive End, and SEC defensive player of the year Michael Sam has announced that he is gay. ¬†According to Adam Schefter, Sam is projected as a mid round draft pick, and barring an unexpected announcement prior to May’s draft,…

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