Charlotte Bobcats Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Jeff Taylor's Girlfriend

Charlotte Hornets Small Forward Jeff Taylor was arrested on charges of domestic assault, assault and malicious destruction of property at an East Lansing, MI hotel on Thursday morning. With few details revealed, it is unclear if Jeff Taylor's girlfriend was the victim in this case. He posted $5,000 bond and was released.

Given the rise of domestic violence arrests across sports, and notably in the NFL, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and Hornets owner Michael Jordan have a responsibility to send a message here. The current collective bargaining agreement in the NBA calls for a minimum 10 game suspension for conviction of a violent felony. Ironically, 10 NBA games is the equivalent of 2 games in the NFL - sound familiar?

Given the hot button status of this issue, Adam Silver was quoted on the NBA's approach to the issue on Monday.

"We have in place the appropriate mechanisms for discipline, although we'll take a fresh look at those as well. But most importantly, it's education, and it's not just the players, but it's the players' families. That's what we're learning, too.

"We have to take these programs directly to the players' spouses, directly to their partners so that they're aware of places they can go to express concerns, whether they're anonymous hotlines, team executives, league executives. And we're consulting experts. There's a lot to be learned here. It's a societal problem; it's not one that's unique to sports."

Given Adam Silver's aggressive punishment for privately spoken words by former owner Donald Sterling, If Jeff Taylor is found guilty, it's time to stand up and come down with an equally devastating punishment to a man who decided words weren't enough to get his point across.

The Hornets have released a statement saying,

"The Charlotte Hornets were made aware of the incident involving Jeffery Taylor early this evening. The organization is in the process of gathering more information and doing our due diligence. This is a matter that we take very seriously."

We'll keep an eye on this one.

05/13/14 (Updated)

Gary Neal's wife Leah Neal

So Gary Neal had himself a game, huh?

The not quite yet household name Neal helped dismantle the Miami Heat in game 3 of the 2013 NBA Championships with an epic performance from behind the arc. Cheering from the crowd was surely Gary Neal's wife Leah Neal.

Gary and Leah Neal were married in Neal's hometown of Baltimore in July of 2010 after having dated for years before hand. According to her Twitter bio, Leah Neal is a "Commercial Real Estate/Environmental Attorney licensed in PA." The couple had their first child in September of 2011, a son named Nes.

The picturesque, happy family has been a long journey for Neal. After his sophomore year, Neal was dismissed from the La Salle basketball team after being accused of rape by a member of the University of New Haven women's basketball team. Neal was acquitted of those charges, but wound up transferring to Towson where he was forced to walk on to the basketball team pending the outcome of his rape case. Neal didn't see a scholarship again until his senior year of college, and while projected as a fringe NBA draft prospect, went undrafted in 2007. Neal traveled Europe as a pro, with stops in Turkey, Barcelona, Italy, and Spain (again) before finally getting the call from the International friendly Spurs in 2010. The journey didn't end last night for Neal, but it certainly had to be the highlight.

04/23/13 (Updated)

Tyrus Thomas' wife Jamie Patrice Thomas and Ben Gordon's fiancee Sascha Smith

There's been a recent trend in professional sports where athletes in a new city on road trips are hired by local clubs and bars to "host" parties. Their hosting duties usually require the athlete to show up, wave to the crowd, and drink at a private table in the back, all while the club rakes in profit from spiked cover charges and increased drink prices because of the dude on the poster for the night. Fantasy sports, social media, and access to games anywhere in the country has led to an increase in the exposure of players from different cities, and caused this trend to really blow up in the last few months.

This trend continued on the night of December 12, 2012 when Chris Paul and the Los Angeles Clippers were in Charlotte, NC after having taken on and beating the Bobcats earlier in the night. Chris Paul hosted a celebrity party at a night club called, Label. Shortly after the party wrapped up around 2:00 AM, a swarm of (likely)drunk patrons left the club and began moving towards the parking lot, including Tyrus Thomas' wife, Jamie Patrice Thomas. Unfortunately Jamie's night wasn't done quite yet, as she found herself in cuffs following a scuffle in the parking lot. Police reports allege that Thomas and three friends attempted to steal another woman's cell phone and purse before hitting a security guard with her vehicle while trying to leave following the scuffle. When police arrived, Thomas tried to leave again, striking the same security guard with her car while attempting to flee the scene. Charlotte police forcibly removed Thomas from her vehicle at that point, but only after having to break the window to gain access to the vehicle. She was taken to the hospital for treatment before being transferred to jail where she was charged with DWI, resisting a public officer, and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

Among the six arrested was also Ben Gordon's fiancee Sascha Smith. Smith was charged with resisting arrest after refusing to leave the vehicle driven by Thomas.