Wrestling (WWE) Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Dean Ambrose's girlfriend Renee Young

Yes, internet smarks, the rumors of the past year are true - and Dean Ambrose's girlfriend Renee Young was the one to confirm it.

Dean Ambrose is wildly popular and the female wrestling fans out there have demanded to know who Dean Ambrose's girlfriend is. Last summer, Amrbose and Young were spotted arriving to a filming of Monday Night Raw together, adding fuel to the rumor fire. After what seemed like an eternity of wrestling fans speculating about the relationship status of the Lunatic Fringe and the WWE TV personality, Renee Young finally let it known. Appearing on the Gorilla Position podcast, she confirmed dating the former member of The Shield.

After confirming that they were not only dating, but that they are "in love," Young went on to say:

I can't give away too much, because we are very private about our relationship because we respect it. We don't need people knowing about it or caring what we're doing. I'm not going to post pictures of us on the internet… but people berate me no matter what I post on the internet."

We're not in berating form today, so we're going to offer a sincere congratulations. Professional wrestlers have a grueling schedule on the road more than 250 days a year, so finding someone to spend those days with can only make things better. With Ambrose on a fast track to main event status, his wrestling career won't be slowing down any time soon. Hopefully being with someone who knows the deal going in will make life easier.

Oh and as for Wrestlemania 31 - Expect Ambrose to steal the show and climb the ladder for the IC Strap - One fans humble opinion.


Bray Wyatt's wife Samantha Rotunda

Bray Wyatt's wife Samantha Rotunda has the whoooollllleeeee world,.... in her hands.

Being married to Bray Wyatt (real name Windham Rotunda), seems to be turning out ok for Samantha. Despite the patriarch of both the Wyatt family and the Rotunda family being on the road for 250 days a year, things are on the up. The couple has two young daughters together, and appear to be a very normal American family, despite the very abnormal American Bray plays on TV.

There's definitely support structure in place for the Rotunda's. Bray is a third generation professional wrestler from a family that knows about the business. Grandfather Blackjack Mulligan, and father Mike Rotunda paved the way for Bray and his brother to the ranks of the WWE. While not played as an angle in the WWE, Wyatt's brother is Bo Dallas (real name Taylor Rotunda). With Bo Dallas getting married this weekend, and a hopefully supportive mother-in-law, we imagine that Samantha is figuring things out just fine.

The eater of worlds, Bray Wyatt, continues his rise to the top in the title match at the 2014 Money in the Bank Pay Per View. We'll see if Bray grabs sports entertainment's top prize from the top of the ladder.


John Cena's girlfriend Nikki Bella

John Cena's girlfriend Nikki Bella is gonna spend some time striking out on her own.

As a member of the WWE Women's tag team, the Bella Twins, along with twin sister Brie Bella things are going to be different. During a recent angle with her husband Daniel Bryan, Brie "quit" the company leaving Nikki on her own. While it's very likely that the Bella twins will have their opportunity to reunite sooner rather than later, at least for now, Nikki will have to spend time on the road without her partner in crime.

Fortunately, her boyfriend John Cena will be around. The perfect face of the company and ever-present baby-face and constant threat to become world champ again has the pretty boy, golden child angle down pat. Despite being a fresh divorce, Cena can do no wrong. While it seems like the rest of the boys in the bad are less than interested in becoming buddies at least he has Nikki to travel the country with.

Nikki was one of the stars of last seasons E! reality show hit, Total Divas, and will likely have a front and center starring role again. Cena is set to square off in the WWE title match at Money In The Bank this weekend in Boston. With an incredibly thin talent roster at the top of the WWE hierarchy, Cena might be the man to carry the straps while Bryan recovers from neck surgery, and while they continue to build up other story lines while they head to Summer Slam.