Serena Williams’ boyfriend Alexis Ohanian

Serena Williams' boyfriend Alexis Ohanian- Instagram

Serena Williams’ boyfriend Alexis Ohanian is the co-founder of Reddit. That’s pretty huge. I myself used Reddit to look up all sorts of information, and it’s sort of the missing link between Wikipedia and other social and forum sites. That may not even be the…

Marin Cilic’s Girlfriend Kristina Milkovic

Marin Cilic's Girlfriend Kristina Milkovic - CBS

Marin Cilic’s girlfriend Kristina Milkovic has got to wait awhile longer if she wants to see a rock on her ring. Marin recently told a Croatian newpaper that he wasn’t planning on it at the moment. Croatian singlehood is sweeping the nation, apparently. Well, the…

Serena Williams boyfriend Drake – Wait, What?

Serena Williams boyfriend Drake - Instagram

There’s not a whole lot of chance that Serena Williams’ boyfriend Drake is going to stay her boyfriend or ever was her boyfriend. He probably needs no introduction because he’s a famous rapping guy who makes songs about how he doesn’t need any new friends….

Thomas Berdych’s girlfriend Ester Satorova

Thomas Berdych's girlfriend Ester Satorova

Well, if you dig skinny, blonde hot chicks with class and personality, we’ve got the lady for you. Thomas Berdych’s girlfriend Ester Satorova is the model. Her face is perfect, her body is insane, and she’s got a cool personality. I am smitten myself. Mr….

JJ Watt’s Girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki

JJ Watt's girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki - CBS

JJ Watt’s girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki is now off of the Ryan Kerrigan Train and looks to be on the Watt Express. We posted back in December about Caroline and Kerrigan being seen together and going out, but now it seems that is over. Kerrigan was…

Milos Raonic’s Girlfriend Danielle Knudson

Milos Raonic's Girlfriend Danielle Knudson - Instagram

I recently watched a short video posted by TMZ of a paparazzi type guy legitimately holding the attention of Milos Raonic’s girlfriend Danielle Knudson for almost two minutes. I’m guessing that is not an easy thing to do as a paparazzi because you’re already seen…

Ryan Kerrigan’s Girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki

Ryan Kerrigan's girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki - Twitter

Welcome back to the world of World’s Best Genetically Engineered Sports Couples! Ryan Kerrigan’s girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki is all kinds of awesome. We are talking about a tennis powerhouse now. She spent 67 straight weeks ranked the #1 tennis player in the world. That is…

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