Larry Fedora’s Wife Christi Fedora

Larry Fedora's wife Christi Fedora

Larry Fedora’s wife Christi Fedora is what Larry calls the “backbone of the family.” When you’re talking about football coaches, this kind of thing is common. The husband generally spends very little time with the family as compared with the wife, and Christi is no…

Pat Fitzgerald’s wife Stacy Fitzgerald

Pat Fizgerald's wife Stacy Fitzgerald - Twitter

Pat Fitzgerald’s wife Stacy Fitzgerald is the mother of their three kids: Jack, Ryan, and Brendan. Pat has said the kids are “very fortunate to have her as a mother,” referring to the indomitable young Stacy. Back when Brendan was still a baby was the…

Brian Kelly’s wife Paqui Kelly

Brian Kelly's wife Paqui Kelly - KellyCaresFoundation

Brian Kelly’s wife Paqui Kelly is a two-time cancer survivor that can tell you a thing or two about breast cancer. She’s been diagnosed with two different forms of breast cancers, and the second diagnosis ​came just four years after she beat the first form….

David Shaw’s wife Kori Shaw

David Shaw's wife Kori Shaw- Facebook

I don’t believe I’ve ever come across a woman named Kori, but David Shaw’s wife Kori Shaw has now changed that. The couple met in California shortly after he graduated from Stanford (as documented by The New York Times), and they had their first date…

​Connor Cook’s sister Jackie Cook

Connor Cook's sister Jackie Cook Instagram

No, this isn’t one about Connor Cook’s girlfriend, or Connor Cook’s wife. It’s all about ​Connor Cook’s sister Jackie Cook, who is a hot chick that used to play basketball and now lives in beautiful, sunny San Diego. ​She enjoys showing off her body in…

​Kirk Ferentz’s wife Mary Ferentz​

Kirk Ferentz's wife Mary Ferentz - uifoundation

​Kirk Ferentz’s wife Mary Ferentz​ are known for supporting a local program called Care for Kids. The program’s goal is to raise enough money to help construct a hospital that costs $292 million. It’s scheduled to be completed in early 2016. This kind of community-based…

Mike Dantonio’s wife Becky Dantonio

Mike Dantonio's wife Becky Dantonio - Twitter

Mike Dantonio’s wife Becky Dantonio has had two daughters with him, and they’re your classic family football fans, rooting for the good guys (the Spartans) and rallying against the evil foes (anyone the Spartans play). In a nutshell, that’s sort of the basis of any…

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