NCAA Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Bret Bielema's wife Jen Bielema

Bret Bielema's wife Jen Bielema raised eyebrows when she talked some trash about Wisconsin losing to Arizona State by saying it was "karma." We mentioned her in the post about Mike Vrabel's wife Jen Vrabel. Anyway, she got some subtle medicine back after Jen Vrabel mentioned a certain Arkansas loss was also "karma." This whole concept of karma and football games is ludicrous, as everyone knows, but it's still fun to use it as an excuse to needle people on opposite sides of the battle lines.

Bret Bielema's wife Jen Bielema has two Yorkshire Terriers whom I'm sure she'd want mentioned as part of her life. Jen posts pictures of them lounging in their little doggy beds and hanging out. I think she even put together a kind of photo session with them sitting on a chair, but it may just be a good picture she took with her phone. Jen recently attended an event supporting the Tim Tebow Foundation, which is a foundation that helps kids with life-threatening diseases. Jen did not bring any of her Yorkie dogs or even her husband to the event, but she still looked lovely.

One of the weirdest things that I noticed Jen post in her Instagram feed was a picture of her in Las Vegas with former Bachelor Juan Pablo and the winner of that season Nikki. It's just an odd thing to see that couple in a day-to-day life picture because one immediately assumes their relationship is nullified the second the media lose interest, but Jen Bielema was there to prove otherwise. Jen also took a picture with Britney Spears in Vegas either before or after a performance she gave. I'm assuming Bret was too busy to go with Jen to Vegas because he's not in any of those pictures, and I think she just went with her good friend.


Frank Kaminsky's Girlfriend Deme Morales

Frank Kaminsky's girlfriend Deme Morales never could have seen it coming.

Despite a breakout performance in the 2014 NCAA Men's Tournament where Kaminsky was named West Region Most Outstanding Player, most never saw this. The 2014-2015 AP Player of the Year was the appetizer to a dominant tournament, where Kaminsky has Wisconsin one game away from being crowned national champions.

Unlike teammate Sam Dekker's girlfriend, Frank Kaminsky's girlfriend Deme Morales is a fellow Badger. Morales is a fellow senior majoring in Life Sciences, while also helping to lead the Lady Badgers Volleyball team to a Big 10 Championship.

Morales is of course an avid Wisconsin basketball fan, with her Instagram account littered with excited Wisconsin student section selfies (groupsies? God I hate 2015 words). Morales is no doubt in Indianapolis for one final game in a legendary career of an all-time Wisconsin great. With Morales a few short weeks away from graduation, she should be free to travel wherever Kaminsky's NBA career takes him. Best of luck!


Sam Dekker's Girlfriend Bailey Scheich

I don't know why it's always such a big deal when a player happens to be dating someone from a "rival" school. It's called having a life, guys. Sam Dekker's girlfriend Bailey Scheich is just such a rival school girl. The fact that Bailey goes to Michigan was probably a topic of conversation for like 2 seconds until Sam moved on to the "so, you're really hot" vibe. I'm not even sure Michigan is classified as a rival with Wisconsin, actually, and I think other sites got it wrong and thought she went to MSU, which she certainly does not.

Bailey's Twitter feed is not half bad. She featured a Vine of Sam getting hyped up and spiking the ball, which then his his teammate Nigel right in the head. Little things like that tell you she's A) got a good sense of humor B) obviously a fan of her boyfriend's team and C) capable of putting together a half-decent Vine or at least retweeting one. She's also got a knack for putting up some pretty funny jokes about relationships. Anyway, Sam Dekker's girlfriend Bailey Scheich is natural blonde attending the great school of Michigan, and her favorite hobbies are studying, partying, and going to basketball games. That's about it. She's definitely smart, energetic, and outgoing, and she's got a younger sister still in high school and a younger brother who goes to CMU. She's twenty years old, people-- at that age the only thing going on for anybody that's not in sports is parties, studying, and hanging out. But I can tell you that, based on her Instagram photos, she is getting high marks in hanging out and partying and fair marks in studying (yes, she does include pictures of herself studying for tests). And yes, Bailey likes to wear Wisconsin jerseys with the number 15 on them.