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Gary Andersen's wife Stacey Andersen



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If you’re looking for a loyal lady, you could do worse than Wisconsin football coach Gary Andersen’s wife Stacey Andersen. The two started dating when they were both sixteen and have been together ever since.

An import from Utah State, Gary Andersen recently replaced the venerable Barry Alavarez, who stacked up an overall record with the Badgers of 118-74-4 along with 11 bowl appearances. So far, Gary’s led them through a respectable 9-4 season, losing to the SC Gamecocks in the Capital One Bowl. This was not Gary’s first big dance, though, as he’d led Utah State to a win at the 2012 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.

Stacey has raised three boys with Gary, and all three play college football. Keegan and Hagen Andersen play for Utah State, while Chasen Andersen plays for Wisconsin. Stacey’s been quoted recently regarding her husband: “There's no pulling any punches. He'll tell you how it is. There's no buttering it up. He's just straight-forward and honest.” The shoe was on the other foot, however, when Stacey persuaded Gary to make a trip to the emergency room after blacking out and hitting his head at home, a product of exhaustion back in 2010. That’s just the level of commitment to life and work these two are accustomed to! Here's to another 30 years for these high-school sweethearts.


Clint Trickett's First Kiss Kristen Saban



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What would the sports gossip world do without Terez Owens filling them in? It was just reported that Clint Trickett's first kiss was Kristen Saban, the daughter of Nick Saban, head coach at the University of Alabama. Trickett's team, the West Virginia Mountaineers, are playing Saban's team, the Crimson Tide, on Saturday. Alabama is ranked #2 in the country. WVU is not ranked in the top 25.

Clint, dude, what were you thinking? Your team has little chance of beating Alabama anyway, so you wanted to anger Nick Saban and get him even more pumped up to run his defense into you? You're going to get sacked like six times now. It's not my problem; I barely watch college football, but it's just odd timing on your part, Clint. Saban's daughter Kristen was about six years old when she and Clint kissed. There's been a lot of confusion on the internet about what Kristen actually looks like. Apparently she's often confused with a blonde bombshell who, according to Terez Owens, is her "sister from another mister." Anyway, we've got plenty of pictures of the real Kristen Saban for you.

I should tell you that Kristen actually has a checkered past. No joke, she was sued by a sorority sister for allegedly beating her up. According to, after a night of heavy drinking, Kristen posted something nasty on a sorority sister named Sarah Grimes' facebook wall. Grimes (no relation to Rick Grimes obviously) went to Kristen's dorm room to confront her about the post, and Kristen then apparently beat the crap out of her, giving her a concussion and breaking her nose. Most people are saying that Grimes, who was mixing medication and alcohol, started the fight. The case was ultimately tossed out by the judge.

Kristen is now engaged to a former Alabama hockey player named Adam Setas, and she's working for a sports management company called Bruno Event Team.

08/30/14 (Updated)

What Really Happened with Josh Shaw's Girlfriend?


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UPDATE 08/30/2014: We didn't think this one was over.

When we first learned of Josh Shaw and Josh Shaw's girlfriend, there were whispers that there may be more to the story. And now the LAPD has confirmed that there may be more to the story, as according to TMZ, the suspended USC star is currently being investigated for a potential domestic disturbance. The story suggests that Shaw may have been fleeing the scene and shimmying down his girlfriend's building, to ultimately lead to the dual ankle injuries.

This one surely ain't over folks. Keep it here as we follow.

UPDATE 08/27/2014: From hero to zero in less than a day? Welcome to the information age, Josh Shaw.

As was widely reported Tuesday, USC safety Josh Shaw injured both ankles rescuing his nephew from drowning in a pool, a story that was later repeated by his sister. Late Wednesday evening, it was revealed that the heroic story Shaw spoon fed the press, was a intact untrue.

Shaw admitted the fabrication to USC officials and after multiple statements from the school and the team, Shaw has been suspended from all team activities indefinitely. But what does all this have to do with Josh Shaw's girlfriend?

As we explored yesterday, there were rumors that this all circled back to a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, and that the injuries occurred fleeing the scene. When these rumblings began gaining traction in the wake of the drowning-rescue story, Josh Shaw's lawyer made sure to shoot that down:

There is absolutely NO domestic violence. The real story has nothing to do with domestic violence."

Shaw released his own statement through his attorney stating:

I injured myself in a fall. I made up a story about this fall that was untrue. I was wrong to not tell the truth. I apologize to USC for this action on my part.

While we don't know what went down to cause the injuries, or if Josh Shaw's girlfriend played a part, we do know this story will continue getting more interesting as time goes on. We'll keep watching this unfold.

USC head coach Steve Sarkisian acknowledged Tuesday that the team was looking into Josh Shaw's heroic story surrounding his double ankle injuries. Despite the initial story that we'll delve further into below, reports now place Josh Shaw's girlfriend in the middle of the search for the truth.

The stories came out Monday night that Shaw suffered bilateral high ankle sprains when he jumped from the balcony of his cousin's second floor Palmdale apartment to save his nephew from drowning. Shaw told the USC website that his nephew was said to be unable to swim, and "in distress without nearby help." The story continues that Shaw was able to crawl to the pool ladder despite the pain in both legs, to help pull his nephew from the water.

Less than a day after the story broke, holes began to form in Shaw's story. On Tuesday, Sarkasian confirmed that the school was vetting the story, but offered mild support for his player by saying he had no reason to believe anything to the contrary of Shaw's report.

"He came to us with what had occurred Saturday night. I have no reason, no history, to not believe Josh and his story with what has occurred."

Like with any rumor, conflicting information is at hand with this one. Some reports have circulated that Shaw was fleeing the scene of a domestic altercation with his girlfriend. To date, there's been no information offered to support this rumor and it doesn't currently appear to have any validity.

TMZ has obtained information that a burglary report from the night in question mentions Shaw by name, as well as Josh Shaw's girlfriend. Shaw, who is not considered a suspect, called the LAPD to report a man shimmying down the side of a building near the USC campus. Shaw's girlfriend lives in the building, and when police provided the description of the person, she allegedly said, "Yes, that sounds like my boyfriend Josh Shaw."

A burglary report was taken, though nothing was stolen. Police spoke with Shaw, but he denied ever being at the building in question.

In the Twitter-age, the truth will come to light soon enough. We'll see how things turn out - and for now - we hope his Josh Shaw's nephew is recovering well.