MMA Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Mike Goldberg's wife Kim Goldberg

Mike Goldberg's wife Kim Goldberg is a very active social media use, just like her announcing husband. Despite their frequent online chatter, there is nary a picture of them together on either account. I guess Mike is so busy traveling around that he only takes pictures with people he doesn't know that well. One thing is for sure-- they love their kids. They takes tons of pictures of their kids, and their daughter Kiarra Goldberg has just graduated from high school. Their son Kole is a freshman in high school and plays hockey. Their kids seem really nice.

I really am not understanding the lack of pictures together though. It is basically Mike Goldberg's wife Kim Goldberg's favorite thing to do: taking pictures of herself with other people, and Mike is no slouch on social media. So why are they in zero pictures? Mike travels a whole lot to announce UFC events, and a lot of the pictures he takes are with famous people like Channing Tatum in Macau or Wilmer Vilderama or whoever that guy is from That 70's Show. Actually there is one photo of the couple together on Kim's feed. It's the very first picture she ever posted on Instagram, and it's her outside with Mike.

Kim does attend some of the UFC events as well, though she doesn't strike me as the kind of person who likes violence. She travels to New York City and mostly takes in shows with her daughter. I don't think she actually goes to the fights so much as hangs out in their vicinity. I know this because she's taken pictures of the arenas where they're held but never seems to have pictures of her inside of them (with one exception where she's with her son). She most definitely attends her son's hockey games, and she likes to have drinks out with her friends. Of course, she spends a lot of time in Vegas since that's where the majority of UFC fights are held, and she goes out a lot with old friends there as well. She sometimes takes day trips to Sedona from where she lives, so I'd guess that's in or around Vegas.


Bethe Correia's boyfriend Edelson Silva

Bethe Correia's boyfriend Edelson Silva is also an MMA trainer and a former boxer. According to reports online, Edelson was recently involved in a fight in Rio De Janeiro involving a taxi driver. I guess they called for a taxi, and when he came Bethe and Edelson decided they weren't going to go anywhere and instead were going to go to a restaurant across the street. The taxi driver told them they'd wasted his time, and they agreed. So the guy told him he wanted a couple bucks for compensation, and Edelson allegedly gave him more than he asked for. Then the guy told them he wanted more, and they started to bicker, and eventually they got into an altercation. Bethe sat back and watched rather than use her training to knock him out. Besides, Edelson can take care of himself, right?

If you're into MMA, you probably already know about Correia's fight with Ronda Rousey. Bethe Correia's boyfriend Edelson Silva was likely handing her ice-packs when they got home afterwards. Bethe got knocked out in 34 seconds and took a nose-dive straight into the canvas. Before the fight, Bethe was taunting Ronda and saying "don't cry" to her, but after Ronda knocked out Bethe, Ronda told Bethe "don't cry." She then told the commentators afterwards the matter was settled and that she'd move forward from there. Bethe seems to be a good sport afterwards, at least to her fans. She posted several pictures with phrases like "Ignore words of offense. Poison only hurts if you swallow it." I guess she was just pointing out that a lot of people online are talking trash to her after she lost, but she's not taking it seriously?

Bethe generally does quite a lot of self-promotion on her Instagram, posting pictures of herself training, hanging out with trainers, looking tough in front of the Brazilian flag, and giving stare-downs to the camera. Half of her pictures come with little phrases on them, but they're written in Portuguese so I don't know what they say. She talks a lot about being a warrior, so my best guess is they all say "heart of a warrior" or something hackneyed like that. Edelson himself usually posts pictures of Bethe training and hanging out with him as well, though he's not as well known as Bethe. He said "even in defeat I'm in your corner, my great love." Good to know he stands by his lady.


Arianny Celeste's boyfriend Travis Barker

Arianny Celeste's boyfriend Travis Barker is a drummer of Blink 182​ and other acts. So neither one of these people are really athletes (though it could sort of be argued that Barker is an athlete because of the drumming) but since Arianny walks around a ring where athletes compete, we'll go with that connection.

Barker's always got the same tough-guy look on his face in every photo that he's ever taken in. He's like a one-note guy when it comes to having a camera pointed at him. Travis Barker's girlfriend Arianny Celeste shows a little more variety in the photos she's taken in (many of which are taken by herself). I personally am not a fan of the unnatural look, but that's just me, and Arianny is in good shape and is a pretty lady. She's recently taken to Instagram advertisements with a sponsorship coming from Protein World. She will pose next to some protein powder or a "fat melter" product for cash. I guess that's how you monetize an account that has over 1,000,000 followers. In one photo, she's wearing almost nothing, holding her phone with her right hand, and in her left hand is a product that says "lean muscle," and her silicone chest is on full display right in the middle of the photo. As soon as someone I follow on Instagram starts holding up diet pills in their photos, I hit the un-follow button, but that's just me.

That's basically it for her activity: lots and lots of skimpy pictures of herself in photographs that are generally nicely done. Travis Barker's girlfriend Arianny Celeste did share a pleasant little quote a few weeks back: "We get so worried about being pretty. Let's be pretty kind. Pretty funny. Pretty smart. Pretty strong." Spoiler alert-- when she says "we" what she actually means is "I." That's a nice sentiment, though. In the world of social media, part of the self-congratulatory nature of sharing statements like these is the act of sharing them in itself makes you feel like you've done something. I guess in a way she put out some nice vibes to a million people, so that's something right? Hey, she's not holding up protein powder every day.