MMA Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Arianny Celeste's boyfriend Travis Barker

Arianny Celeste's boyfriend Travis Barker is a drummer of Blink 182​ and other acts. So neither one of these people are really athletes (though it could sort of be argued that Barker is an athlete because of the drumming) but since Arianny walks around a ring where athletes compete, we'll go with that connection.

Barker's always got the same tough-guy look on his face in every photo that he's ever taken in. He's like a one-note guy when it comes to having a camera pointed at him. Travis Barker's girlfriend Arianny Celeste shows a little more variety in the photos she's taken in (many of which are taken by herself). I personally am not a fan of the unnatural look, but that's just me, and Arianny is in good shape and is a pretty lady. She's recently taken to Instagram advertisements with a sponsorship coming from Protein World. She will pose next to some protein powder or a "fat melter" product for cash. I guess that's how you monetize an account that has over 1,000,000 followers. In one photo, she's wearing almost nothing, holding her phone with her right hand, and in her left hand is a product that says "lean muscle," and her silicone chest is on full display right in the middle of the photo. As soon as someone I follow on Instagram starts holding up diet pills in their photos, I hit the un-follow button, but that's just me.

That's basically it for her activity: lots and lots of skimpy pictures of herself in photographs that are generally nicely done. Travis Barker's girlfriend Arianny Celeste did share a pleasant little quote a few weeks back: "We get so worried about being pretty. Let's be pretty kind. Pretty funny. Pretty smart. Pretty strong." Spoiler alert-- when she says "we" what she actually means is "I." That's a nice sentiment, though. In the world of social media, part of the self-congratulatory nature of sharing statements like these is the act of sharing them in itself makes you feel like you've done something. I guess in a way she put out some nice vibes to a million people, so that's something right? Hey, she's not holding up protein powder every day.


Chandler, Arthur and Jon Jones' Father and Mother, Arthur and Camille Jones

Chandler Jones, Arthur Jones and Jon Jones' parents Arthur and Camille Jones are dealing with the drama that goes along with having all three sons be successful professional athletes. Man, I already was surprised by the McCourty twins both becoming NFL professionals, but now we're actually talking about three brothers becoming pros. Chandler, who plays for the Patriots, and Jon, who is a professional UFC fighter, have another brother named Arthur Jones who is a defensive end for the Colts (you know, that team the Patriots hammered into the ground in the AFC Championship game this year). So let's talk about the problem that popped up recently between Jon and his parents.

Basically, Jon Jones tested positive for cocaine and was made to go into rehab by the UFC and fined 25 grand, but then his mom Camille Jones said that he left rehab after only one day. This is where the controversy, if you want to call it that, started. The UFC President Dana White said that was "not necessarily the case," and then he threw out some vague wording about how "the truth will come out." I don't really know what he was saying, but when Jon Jones was interviewed, he denied that he'd left rehab in one day. So now I'm wondering if there's tension between Jon and his mom Camille, and I think there's probably not. I'm sure they're just concerned that he's a addicted to coke or something.

As for Chandler Jones, Jon was concerned that he might have disappointed him and Arthur. One of Jon's brothers apparently told him "they see it a lot in the NFL. It is not as public." I'm not sure what he was referring to, but I think he just meant the use of cocaine as a party drug. Dana White said it was not an option to pull Jon Jones from any fights because he'd get sued and lose.


Dana White's Wife Anne White

Dana White's wife Anne White has been married to Dana since 1996, and she's very happy he moved out of South Boston. Having formerly been a boxing trainer in Southie, Dana was bullied by the Irish mob there and told that he owed them a few thousand dollars. He knew he wouldn't pay them, so he packed his bags and moved to Las Vegas. That's where his life turned into a surreal dream of celebrity, marriage, money, and mixed martial arts.

Anne White herself definitely stays out of the spotlight, otherwise she'd be in so many party shots with her husband. Dana's wife Anne spends much of her time with friends and tending to their two sons and daughter. Dana's mother actually wrote a book about Dana which characterized him as a greedy and corrupted person who had been changed rapidly by the huge inflow of money that he ran into. Similar claims have been made about him by the likes of Ken Shamrock, who has called him the "bald devil."

Whatever the case is, Dana White and his wife Anne White are now swimming in cash. There was a minor beef coming from the mouth of Dana (but also Anne by association) between them and Justin Timberlake. It happened when Dana and Anne were backstage at the MTV Music Awards hanging out with some music and movie stars, and Dana's kids wanted to say hello to Justin Timberlake, and Dana claims Timberlake was acting like "such a complete jackoff." He also said he "couldn't have been a bigger dick." Man, This guy Dana White has got to be pretty powerful to be able to just call somebody like Timberlake out, though I think when someone is a jerk to your kids, you'd call them out no matter who they are. Of course, we have no idea if Timberlake was a jerk to Dana White and his wife Anne's kids-- as Justin never told his side of the story.