Media Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Mike Golic's wife Christine Golic

Mike Golic's wife Christine Golic has a little catchphrase on her Twitter that reads: "Let's bypass the bullsh*t and move on because the minute hand moves faster than you think." Actually, the minute hand moves exactly as fast as I think, Christine, and I don't appreciate you telling me what I think of the minute hand, thank you very much. I do appreciate the sentiment, I guess. So even though Christine thinks she knows the way I perceive time better than me, I still dig that she enjoys bypassing the bullsh*t.

As you might have guessed if you know Mike and Mike, Mike Golic's wife Christine Golic is really good friends with Mike Greenberg's wife Stacy Greenberg.‚Äč They take pictures together, go drinking together, talk about their loud-mouthed husbands together. Everyone is cool together. Christine recently took a picture of Mike by his display in the Wrestling Hall of Fame. I actually had no idea about his wrestling career, but I guess you can't be on top of everything in the wide world of sports and radio personalities that used to pin people like a champ. Christine also takes pride in posting pictures of family stuff. This includes her lovely dog Hank, a charismatic pug. It also includes non-family pictures like the one she posted of Taylor Swift at the Notre Dame commencement speech (Mike went to ND). Of course, Mike is also known as an "NFL Legend" according to a "Mom's Panel" that Christine was asked to attend. I'm not entirely sure what a Mom's Panel is, but it sounds like an opportunity to have attention lavished upon you.

I am fairly certain Mike Golic's wife Christine Golic also attended Notre Dame when she was a bit younger. The Golic's hit the fundraising and charity scene pretty hard, from what I can tell. Mike and Christine are parents of three: Sydney, Jake, and Mike Jr. Their kids are all through college or heading into college, and so that gives them a pretty good degree of independence. Mike Golic Jr. is actually an offensive guard for the New Orleans Saints. Their son Jake is on the Cincinnati Bearcats, and he may well be headed to the NFL if he can manage to keep himself healthy. You can imagine how proud Christine is to have such a successful duo of sons. I don't know what Sydney's into, but I'm sure she's got the genes for athletics as well.


Mike Greenberg's wife Stacy Greenberg

Mike Greenberg's wife Stacy Greenberg is as big or bigger a fan of posting pictures of their dog Phoebe as he is. I know this isn't anything quite newsworthy or something to necessarily lead with, but we here at PW believe giving you a real-life perspective of someone in their day-to-day life is critical. Either that, or we just see a lot of dog pics and feel the need to blab about them.

The lady does lead a pretty charmed life, and she takes partial ownership of her husband's new accomplishment-- a book about women with cancer. Mike Greenberg's wife Stacy Greenberg helped him edit the book as he was writing it, sharing her own perspectives about how women would react to certain situations or what they'd call parts of their wardrobe (she mentioned that no woman in her 20's would use the word "blouse"). Mike and Stacy recently had a chance to pop over to Manhattan to see Larry David's new play Fish In The Dark. Those tickets were going for about 300 dollars each, and attending the show means you are high society. So my hats off to these two for getting to watch David live out the plot of his own show and act on a stage.

Stacy is one of those very nice posters on Twitter who wishes people happy holidays every time one rolls around, and she takes family photos and says stuff like "from our family to yours." Mike Greenberg's wife Stacy Greenberg is an all-around nice lady. So in between posts of Phoebe the fluffy white poodle/lab mix (I'm guessing), she posts pictures of the places she travels to with her family or with Mike. Recently, they've sort of come into a comfortable spot for independence since their youngest daughter is now graduated to high school. I think in general that means the parents can do a little more for themselves, but Stacy actually doesn't strike me as the type of lady who likes to take a break from the kids.


Lenny Wilkens' Wife Marilyn Wilkens

Lenny Wilkens' wife Marilyn Wilkens has been married to the old chap for a very long time. I don't know when they were married, but they've been giving to a place called the Odessa Brown Clinic since 1970, so that gives you some idea of how long they've been together. That's 45 years right there, and Lenny himself was born in 1937, so he'll be 80 in two years. That's an impressive run of years in its own right.

That giving streak I just mentioned is part of what defines the best former professional coaches. I hesitate to say Lenny Wilkens is retired because he's still very active. Lenny Wilkens' wife Marilyn Wilkens travels along with him to places all across the globe. In 2010, they traveled to South Korea and Lenny acted as a consultant for their national team. This was to try and help South Korea win in the Asian Games, which is just what it sounds like. He's past the days when he'd take up coaching full time (since that would take him away from spending time with Marilyn, their children, and their grandchildren) but he's still an active and competitive person. Their children were born a long time ago and are named Leesha, Randy, and Jaime. Their grandchildren are named Ashley and Nicole. Lenny and Marilyn live in Seattle, and they've said they'd be interested in some kind of involvement if Seattle ever gets another professional basketball team. That seems unlikely, and after all the studies that have been done proving that sports arenas don't actually contribute much to a city's economy, it probably won't happen any time in Lenny and Marilyn's lifetime.

The couple also take part in a host of other philanthropic events such as the Annual Lenny Wilkens Foundation Celebrity Classic Weekend. This event includes a dinner auction and a golf tournament. They're overall great people when it comes to giving back.