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Rich Eisen's Wife Suzy Shuster


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Rich Eisen's wife Suzy Shuster is keeping things in check. They both live in Beverly Hills, and they've apparently filled their home with Suzy's collection of African art. Wall Street Journal, of all publications, did a short video piece about their home, and the lady who visited it said the place is really run by the couple's two small boys. I guess the story revolved around how Suzy let her kids run around and be kids. The reporter said she insisted that it was a "real house with real kids." So it's cool when the African art gets broken. Uhh, yeah, great story, WSJ.

Let's talk about the real story with Rich Eisen's wife Suzy Shuster. That was the email intercept story that happened years ago in 2008.

It still entertains people young and old to this day because of the wackiness that happened afterward. So this reporter named Alycia Lane was a newscaster for KYW Philadelphia, and she sent Rich some photos of herself in a bikini at some beach, and the email was intercepted by Suzy Shuster because she uses the same email. Suzy then responded with a sardonic and humorous email basically saying "Oh hey nice body and bikini shots, let me just forward this along to my husband's private email. Way to get his attention with your body." So everyone had a nice laugh about that, but then a really nutty thing happened with Alycia Lane. She was in Manhattan, and she somehow got involved with police and punched a female officer in the face! Good god, what a terrible decision. She was apparently involved in a traffic dispute with her boyfriend Chris Booker. The charges for assault were dropped, but on Lane's Wikipedia page it reads: "Alycia Lane is an American television journalist. She is currently unemployed."

Getting back to Rich Eisen's wife Suzy Shuster, I don't know what more I can say except she appreciates a good African mask, and she does not appreciate a good beach bikini shot.


Melissa Stark's Husband Mike Lilley



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Melissa Stark's husband Mike Lilley lives a charmed life in the upscale borough of Rumson, New Jersey with their beautiful family. Melissa herself started out in Baltimore where her father is an eye surgeon at Johns Hopkins, and he used to occasionally treat patients in the NFL. Melissa played some sports as a kid, and she picked up golf when she started working at ESPN. Now she plays in golf tournaments with husband Mike Lilley. Melissa, like Michele Tafoya, was married to her husband in 2001.

Melissa started working for Sportscenter at the age of 21, which I'm sure made a lot of people jealous of her. At the time, it was relatively rare for women to get jobs as sports reporters, especially at that young age. While she was working at ESPN, she met her husband Mike Lilley in New York City. He was a bond trader at Morgan Stanley, and apparently they really hit it off straightaway. She says she kind of knew "when I met him that we might start a family together one day," and they had a lot in common. When he first asked her out, it was a Monday, and she said "We can go out, but do you mind if we watch football?" She was working that night for Monday Night Football. Man, what a sick date! Your girlfriend is on the sideline reporting about the NFL, and you get to chill with her there and watch the game. Sounds so fun.

She later went on to replace Leslie Visser on Monday Night Football as a sideline reporter at the age of 26. When Melissa got pregnant for the first time with husband Mike Lilley, she decided to work for the Today Show because she thought it would be less travel. Unfortunately there turned out to be a lot of travel, and in the four years she was with the show, she had four kids. After that, Mike encouraged Melissa to go and work for the NFL Network, where she remains.

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Willie McGinest's Wife Gloriana Clark


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Willie McGinest's wife Gloriana Clark is the strapping young mother of two girls, Rylie and Halie. At the time of Willie's retirement back in 2008, they were 3 and 1, respectively. So that means Rylie is around 10 and Halie is 8. Man, time flies. Actually, at that time, Willie was playing for the Cleveland Browns and was still engaged to Gloriana at the time he decided to hang up the cleats. They got married about a year later in 2009.

If you're looking to find out more about Willie McGinest's wife Gloriana Clark, just know that she does not dabble in the fine arts of internet trolling at all. She has bigger fish to fry, longer chore lists to finish, and growing kids to feed.

There's no reason to keep up on the social media when your husband is big Willie and you want to stay out of the limelight. I can tell you a few things about how Gloriana and Willie live together, though. First of all, they have a massive, sprawling mansion in a gated community north of Los Angeles. The place is over 10,000 square feet. Seriously, you don't need a 10,000 square foot palace, Willie. You're wasting energy. Oh well, throw some more coal on the pollution factory and let's crank up those Galaga and Ms. Pac Man arcade games! Apparently they've got a few oldies in the game room.

Willie McGinest's wife Gloriana Clark was quoted as saying, "He's cool and calm right now, but as soon as you leave he'll be yelling and chasing the girls. There's never a dull moment." Yeah, I guess if you're house is the size of a Brooklyn block you can run around and chase people or never see them at all. My apartment is 355 square feet, Gloriana, and I am also cool and calm.