Golf Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Paul Casey's Wife Pollyanna Woodward

Paul Casey's wife Pollyanna Woodward just had a baby. She said last year, "We're so excited about having a little us to teach, love, and watch grow up! It's such a gift and we really can't wait to meet them." Calling the baby a "little us" is kinda' weird, but we get what you're saying, Pollyanna. Paul and Pollyanna met at the 2011 Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix while Pollyanna was presenting the checkered flag Ball with Eddie Jordan. Pollyanna was going through a divorce, and so was Paul. She says she waited until his divorce was finalized and then asked him out. I don't know why you'd wait; I mean the guy is obviously not seeing or with the woman who he's divorcing.

Polyanna's an English lady, born in one of those regions with two endings-- Nottinghamshire. It should be mentioned right away that Pollyanna is a presenter on a very successful television show called 'The Gadget Show.' It's a show about consumer electronics hosted by a bunch of people. I've never seen it, but I'm guessing she's the one who goes "out in the field" and tests out products and talks to people involved in producing them. One of the most notable things to happen to her on television was her time training with an Olympic diver named Tom Daley. She basically face-planted into the water and came out bleeding from the nose and eyes. Photographs of her face afterward showed a very painful looking two bloody red eyes and a red face. So that instantly taught Paul Casey's wife Pollyanna Woodward that putting your hands out in a dive is important to actually break up the water in front of you, I guess. Though the dive was from a 3 meter springboard where she was doing a 1.5 somersault. She screwed it up in a way where it caused her to smack her face directly into the water at a harsh momentum.


JB Holmes' Wife Sara Holmes

JB Holmes' wife Sara Holmes must've been pretty freaked out about her husband's brain surgery. Back in 2011, Holmes started feeling dizzy and withdrew from the PGA Tour to get answers and treatment about what he first figured was just an ear infection. He and Sara later learned that it was something called a Chiari malformation, which is too much skull and too little room for the brain. It was causing his brain to get squeezed, and that was affecting his motor skills. Bad news, but he got an operation and had some titanium mesh fitted onto his cranium.

You can imagine how awesome it must have been for JB Holmes' wife Sarah Holmes when he beat everybody in the 2008 Tavistock Cup, earned $500,000 and bought a house in Isleworth, Orlando. It's also where Tiger Woods was living at the time, and apparently there's a lot of other pro golfers living there. I guess the place offers a huge amount of golfing variety? Sara apparently had a heckuva' time wrenching JB away from his beloved Kentucky, but the weather is better in Orlando than in Kentucky. Apparently JB had played there once in college and made the decision that he'd move there if he ever got on tour and started making the big bucks.


Brendon Todd's Wife Rachel Todd

Brendon Todd's wife Rachel Todd is a sweet girl from good old Gainsville, Georgia. As I understand it, Brendon's win at the Byron Nelson last year (which netted him a slick 1.2 million bones) also qualified him to play in the Masters. You better believe Rachel will be there cheering him on just like she was at the Byron Nelson. The Masters is always held at the Augusta National Golf Club right down the road from where Brendon and Rachel live in Atlanta Georgia.

A few years back, Rachel had the honor of meeting Morgan Freeman at the Humana Challenge. That's the type of golfing event where pros get matched up with celebrities to raise money for a good cause. They've traveled to Hawaii for the purposes of chilling out back in 2012, and they spent their honeymoon in Mayan Riviera in Mexico right after they were married in 2009. Rachel seems to travel around with Brendon during a lot of his tournaments. I know they often stay with friends when they're on the west coast, and it actually sounds like a dreamy kind of lifestyle getting to travel around and watch golf tourneys live. Not many people really watch them on television (at least compared to sports like football and basketball) but seeing them live is pretty classy. Brendon Todd's wife Rachel Todd has a good thing going.

I should say, though, that right around now is when Rachel is busy with a little one. They were expecting a child last year when Brendon won the Byron, so that means Rachel has probably already had him and is now in full mother mode. It had been commented on how great a win that was for Brendon since they were expecting a baby boy, and pocketing that much cash is a great boon to the family.