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Brian Harman's Girlfriend Kelly Van Slyke



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Alright, let's take ourselves a little break from the mayhem of self-obsessed models who can't stop taking the same picture of themselves and their finely tuned body parts for a second. It's time for a little session of under-par golf chicks. That's right, folks, let's rev up those curious peepers and get ready to leer at Brian Harman's girlfriend Kelly Van Slyke.

This is exactly the type of chick who you guys should be digging because she, you know, does something. She has a job and contributes stuff to the world. She's a.....radiation therapist. So yeah: she blasts people with radiation. Now, I admit, that doesn't sound so nice, but I assure you radiation has its uses-- such as mass destruction. But no, wait, she's not hurting anybody. She's just a fan of blasting radiation at people in order to assuage their troubles. Okay, so I have no idea what radiation therapy is. I looked it up and it's a form of oncology like I thought. Brutal. Well, she's a beautiful woman, and that always helps male patients. She should lie about being engaged to Brian and let the patients dream a little dream.

Brian Harman irradiates the golf lynx. Two days ago he took the top spot at the John Deere Classic and netting himself some cash and a spot at the British Open. I watched some of the highlights of his performance, including his birdie shot on the 9th hole. I'll tell you what I think is oddly therapeutic-- the ambient background noise you hear during a player's putt. The silence in golf is soothing because it gets slowly replaced with excitement and whoops as the golfball nears its mark. In the case of the 9th hole, he indeed hit the shot. Spend another few thousand on the upcoming wedding, Brian. Kelly is pumped.


Rory McIlroy's girlfriend Nadia Forde



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If rumors swirling about Rory McIlroy's girlfriend Nadia Forde are true, then he's done a hell of a job rebounding for himself.

After McIlroy split from longtime girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki just days after their wedding invites hit the mail, one of the world's top golfers is back on the market. The internet has desperately wanted to figure out who the next person would be to claim the title of Rory McIlroy's girlfriend, and it looks like we have our winner.

Meet FHM Model and generally really hot person Nadia Forde. Local Dublin paper the Belfast Telegraph reported that the two were out together over the weekend, acting very comfortable at a local bar. The Irish Mail had more details on their evening out

According to sources Rory and Nadia were seen ‘getting close’ all night and left the pub alone together just before 3am where Rory had a chauffeur-driven Mercedes waiting outside

'Rory’s group had about 15 lads with them and there were a few other girls as well. But McIlroy and Nadia were chatting all night. They were sitting together and laughing and joking. They really didn't care who saw them.'

For her part, Nadia Forde is a model, singer, actress, and self anointed title holder of "Ireland's Sweetheart." She has previously disputed rumors of dating McIlroy, but the picture may be coming into clearer focus. Officially, we're still not entirely sure,.... but there's definitely smoke in a number of ways here.

The versatile celebrity has a pretty fantastic FHM spread as well as an Instagram account worth a follow. For now at least... enjoy the music video


Harris English's Girlfriend Becca Caldwell



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2014 is set up to be a great year for Harris English. Entering his first Master's tournament in his home state of Georgia, he started the week by acing out a par-three during a practice round. And while life is great for the PGA pro, what's happening off the course, specifically, who is Harris English's girlfriend?

Not much is known about the former University of Georgia Bulldog off the links. After spending two years on the Nationwide Tour, English applied for his PGA Tour card in December, 2012. After winning last June at the St. Jude's Classic, English inserted himself into the discussion when talking about sleepers poised to make an unexpected run at any tournament title.

So, why you're here. Harris English and his dating life. In 2012, English was rooming with a few players on the Nationwide tour, including former college teammate Hudson Swafford. At the time both English and Swafford were dating women who also happened to be living together as roomates.

Here's where our expert sleuthing unfolds. It appears that Hudson Swafford ultimately married his then girlfriend. After digging deeper, we found some material of the aforementioned double dating, which led us to a woman named Becca Caldwell. Becca Caldwell has plenty of references to Harris, including an explanation of their travel plans in advance of Pebble Beach (where Harris ultimately pulled out after Lasik surgery). While we're not entirely sure if Harris English's girlfriend was Becca Caldwell, it definitely appears that if they were dating, they have since split and are pursuing their own endeavors.

While the current status of English's dating life is unclear, you know there are plenty of suitors ready to line up for the 26 year old golf pro. We'll keep an eye on the tournaments all season to see if we see Harris English with an off-the-18th-entourage.