Golf Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Brendan Steele's wife Anastassia Steele

Brendan Steele's wife Anastassia Steele is not to be confused with the protagonist of the book "Fifty Shades of Grey," and she inherited the last name Steele so before she met Brendan she wasn't working Grey Enterprises or whatever the company is that kinky billionaire from the book worked for (sorry I didn't read it). She is all about her husband and his golf life. She sort of acts as his press agent on her Twitter.

Anastassia took Brendan to a museum recently and said she had to promise him they could see the tar pits. Apparently Brendan doesn't like museums too much, though he did recently say that if he could choose any food to eat before a golf match, he'd choose his wife's pizza because "she makes it with love." Brendan Steele's wife Anastassia Steele also travels with him to most of his tournaments and tweets about his press coverage. That includes a "coming home" segment that aired on CBS about Brendan going back to his home town of Idyllwild, California. The couple live around the Los Angeles area with their small dog. Anastassia will occasionally mention how much she loves California. "You can take the girl out of California but you can't take California out of the girl" is one thing and another is a screenshot of the upcoming weather with it being always clear and 75 degrees. Just don't go hoping to get a drink of water any time soon.

It's pretty difficult to find a tweet that Brendan Steele's wife makes without mentioning her husband or his progress at golf. She does have a job and mentioned at one point that she had the week off and still found herself at a golf tournament, but I'm unaware of what she does because she only talks about Brendan. She's been married to him for eight years now, and they celebrate their anniversary on March 2 every year. The couple are fairly big hockey fans and attend both Kings and Ducks games when they can get the chance. Anastassia has also volunteered to do charity work when the Ducks put on events.


Tony Finau's wife Alayna Finau

Tony Finau's wife Alayna Finau ‚Äčis the mother of their two children, Jraice and Leilene. The couple live in Lehi, Utah. The family also spends time in Hawaii, as Alayna listed the island as a place where she lives and where's she's from. In August of 2014 she shared a picture of them celebrating his Stonebrae Classic win and him holding up his trophy. She said he's "the perfect example of perseverance and dedication," and that she was "so glad I was here to witness and share this experience with him." Well, Tony, that's the way you bring home the bacon. I wish I could win a PGA tourney.

They rate driving distances, and Tony Finau is 3rd (Dustin Johnson is first). Just thought I'd include that since chicks dig the long ball (I think Greg Maddux taught me that). Tony Finau's wife Alayna Finau watches him slam the golf balls every chance she gets. Toting around two kids makes that a little harder, but she's still real young and loves the traveling. Alayna does spend most of her time with the kids, but she's out and about with Tony when she can be. Tony, along with Alayna, is originally from Tongan and American Samoan descent, and he's the first guy ever on the PGA tour with that background. Tony's brother Gipper is still trying to get himself on the PGA tour. It's a hard racket to break into.

Alayna herself is a big time family woman. She's frequently seen in the photos she posts on Facebook with her kids, and family life is very big in her culture (although I'm trying to think of a culture where family isn't such a big value). Much of the things she's pinned up on her Pinterest revolve around home decoration as well. Lots of consideration about how to organize her kids' rooms and a good deal about how to pretty up the walls inside the house seem to be occupying her attention. She's a big fan of words on walls-- having large large lettering (usually made out of metal) line one or two walls and make up a phrase. She says she'd turn her basement into a learner center and that she's "such a teacher."


Branden Grace's girlfriend Nieke Coetzee

Branden Grace's girlfriend Nieke Coetzee is a South African who's been his traveling companion from golf course to golf course for years now. She caddies for him a lot as well, and it's a good gig for a girlfriend. We see that fairly often- a girlfriend caddying for her professional boyfriend during practice rounds. In January they were hanging out in Dubai, which probably had something to do with a tournament that was held there, but there's always a lot of free time for golfers before and after the tourney, so they took a picture in the giant shopping mall that's attached to the Burj Khalifa. They also went boating on the Persian Gulf and took a nice picture of Dubai from the ocean. Branden's been busy collecting trophies the past year.

Nieke herself goes to the shooting range now and again, as we see in a picture of her with a shotgun at the Pine Creek Sporting Club in Okeechobee, Florirda. Branden Grace's girlfriend Nieke Coetzee goes everywhere he does, and if there's a tournament happening in Florida, Nieke will surely take advantage of whatever Florida has to offer. In that case, it also included horseback riding. Back in 2014 Nieke also shared her two cents about America's foreign policy based on a movie she watched called "Lone Survivor." Always interesting to hear someone reacting to foreign policy after watching a Hollwood movie: "America and all your allies with men and women fighting this endless and somewhat pointless battle...go home and start protecting from inside your borders...Sort out those troublesome illegal immigrants and rubbish inside your borders..." So I guess we know where Nieke stands on immigration.

Nieke and Branden also have a cute English Springer Spaniel dog who they show off in pictures whenever they can, and Nieke posts things about saving spaniels from time to time. Back in November of 2013, Branden and Nieke traveled to Turkey and enjoyed a vacation on the coast. That's a bit of an unusual destination, but the pictures she shared were pretty nice. These two love taking pictures by oceans. Not only have they hit up Dubai, but they've traveled to Abu Dhabi before that to soak in the desert sunshine. Life is good when you're with an up-and-coming golfer.