Golf Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Paul McGinley's wife Allison McGinley


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With a commanding 10-6 lead over the United States squad heading into the final day of the 2014 Ryder Cup, captain Paul McGinley has the European squad positioned for victory. And with a huge, career defining success that a winning Ryder Cup title carries, you can bet Paul McGinley's wife Allison McGinley will be waiting off 18 whenever that final putt rattles home.

Paul McGinley's wife Allison McGinley was an English golfer who formerly played for the Ladies European Tour. Paul and Allison have three children who occupy most of their time off the links. With as much clout as being the captain of a continent's golf team carries, McGinley is kept in check, telling the Globe that he's "not the captain in my own house."

Paul and Allison McGinley are able to keep golf in perspective after dealing with life threatening drama outside the game. One of their daughters, Maia fell 20 feet into a manhole while playing in front of their home. Maia slipped on a dislodged a manhole cover, falling into the drain. With no serious injuries to report of, McGinley summed it up in an easy sentence after the ordeal, "We are just so lucky and so grateful she is fine."

Amen, Paul.


Is Sasha Gale Rory McIlroy's Girlfriend?



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The rumor mills never stop churning. The question: is Sasha Gale the girlfriend of Rory McIlroy? The question for most Americans is also: who is Sasha Gale. Well, I'm going to try and catch the up-and-coming Irish model scene.

Sasha Gale is a 23 year-old chick who apparently has done some light modeling but is now believed to be hunted by some top agencies because she's been getting coverage and exposure for being around Rory. They've been dating, in other words. This other lady named Georgia Salpa has been talking about Sasha too. Georgia, who is a really famous model with a hot bod, believes Sasha may be a real nice commodity for herself or a top agency to snap up, and she's been making that known in the Irish press. I myself am not so well-versed in the world of Irish modeling, but I'll take Georgia's word for it. Rory may be close to introducing her as his girlfriend, but I think he can get a whole slew of models.

I'm not really seeing what others are seeing. I think she looks good but not spectacular, and in some pictures where she's really thin she kind of looks like an alien. Aliens are attractive, though, so it's a wash. Rory himself is basically the top golfer in the world now. Sorry, Tiger and whoever else. This guy's been on a tear the past few years. Jack Nicklaus himself said of Rory: "Rory is an unbelievable talent. I think Rory has an opportunity to win 15 or 20 majors or whatever he wants to do if he wants to keep playing. I love his swing, I love his rhythm, I love his moxie. He's got a little swagger there, it's a little bit cocky but not offensive." Future girlfriend Sasha Gale will tell you the same thing about his swing and rhythm.


Bernd Wiesberger's girlfriend Claudia Steinmann



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Heading into Sunday at the PGA Championship, no one is surprised to see Rory McIlroy holding a one shot lead over the field. What people are surprised about is that European Tour player Bernd Wiesberger is holding sole possession of second over the likes of Rickie Fowler, Jason Day and Phil Mickelson. And when you head into Sunday playing in the final grouping to his the course, people will be clamoring to know, who is Bernd Wiesberger's girlfriend?

Well, lucky for you, steadfast golf fans, we have a name. Bernd Wiesberger's girlfriend Claudia has been in the picture for a few years now. Bernd Wiesberger previously dated a lived with a woman named Tina, though he previously acknowledged living with Tina since 2005 shortly after graduating from BHAK commercial college at age 19.

In recent months and years as Wiesberger's stock has risen through golfs ranks, Claudia has been a popular fixture on his arm at various events and homecoming celebrations. Like so many other wives and girlfriends of golfers on tour, Wiesberger relies on Claudia for a strong support system, acknowledging the role that his parents, brother and girlfriend to help him achieve his loftiest goals on the European Tour.

Speaking of Bernd Wiesberger's parents, sports have been in the Wiesberger blood for years. Klaus and Claudia Wiesberger operate a sporting goods store in Oberwart, Austria as well as the pro shop at a local country club. Bernd Wiesberger's mother still handles all his travel arrangements for his globetrotting days playing the game the family loves. Bernd Wiesberger's brother Niki also has golf in the veins checking in with a more than healthy 4-handicap.

As a man blessed with a strong support structure around him, Sunday could be a huge day for the entire Wiesberger family. If things remain close coming off 18, we could be seeing plenty of Bernd Wiesberger's girlfriend, mother, father and brother. We'll check back in around 6:00 Sunday night..