05/01/13 (Updated)

Tobin Heath's Boyfriend

Last year, the US Women's soccer team was the pride of the country, making it to the finals of the World Cup. They fell just short of the title, losing an epic final match against Japan. During the shootout, Tobin Heath had her penalty kick blocked by the Japanese goalie. This caused true fans to wonder what could have been.

To explain why, we'll go back to 2009 when the US team was still qualifying. Heath was in her senior year at North Carolina and was called up to the national team to play against Germany. Before the game, she came down with an illness and was forced out of the lineup. Month after month, there was no improvement. Doctors could not figure out what was wrong, but thankfully after about 5 months things seemed to resolve. However, just a few games after being picked number 1 overall in the Women's Professional Soccer league, she suffered an ankle injury which eventually required reconstructive surgery. Given all this, it's probably a miracle that she was even able to play in the World Cup. She was used as a sub in a few games, but clearly was still rounding into form.

Heath currently plays for Sky Blue FC, but as we mentioned earlier played collegiately at North Carolina. She is just the next in a line of many successful players from that school, following those such as Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly and fellow national teammate Heather O'Reilly.

Now that you know her background, let's move on to Tobin Heath's boyfriend. Um, well unfortunately that's all we know... that's she does in fact have a boyfriend. Well, that's not entirely true actually. According to her Facebook page, she's been dating someone since at least July 2011 (when she joined the site). While, we've read it's likely to be a current or former men's UNC soccer player - we have also read rumors saying that this mystery person may in fact be Tobin Heath's girlfriend. Frankly though, it seems that there are these types of rumors floating around for 95% of the female players we cover and they're usually way off base. So for now the identity of Heath's boyfriend remains a mystery. If any of the readers want to help us out, we'd love the assist.

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19 Responses to “Tobin Heath's Boyfriend”

  1. ma-e

    honestly, my gaydar is working on her

    i think she's gay

    the way she act and even she laugh

    i can sense it

  2. Jonathan---Jojo

    Tobin Heath is not gay. Tobs is a beautiful,pretty,cute and HOT.!!!!!!!!!! She is a young and a wonderful athlete. Her laugh gives me butterflies. She is the BOMB for many reasons she is strong never gives up tricky on the ball (Creative) I would love to meet her one day and we could be friends..........!!!!!!!!

  3. Faith

    Tobin definitely is not gay. She is a huge Chrisitian and has openly talked about her realtionship with God. That is one reason why she is my favorite professional athlete. As for her having a boyfriend, i'm not sure...that would be awesome though if she did!

  4. ummm

    You can be gay and believe in God.

  5. Jess

    Based on the info we've gotten so far, I really don't think you can tell whether or not she's gay.

  6. susan

    Tobin is not gay and it certainly wouldn't matter if she was! But she does have a nice BF who she met in church in NYC. His name is Santos.

  7. cmc

    i doubt she's gay. she's a Baptist and they're the hardcore, ultra conservative, traditional Christians...i think she had a boyfriend at unc and now some people are saying she's dating some guy named Santos

  8. Renee

    Honestly, it doesn't add up that Tobin would be gay.For one reason being that her religion is a huge part of her life from what I've seen. Also, if you think about her personality "She just doesn't care what others think about her.." I think she would have come out if she was. just as cmc said, rumors DO say she's dating this dude named santos

  9. Julie

    As a Christian who struggled with being gay, I strongly sense that Tobin is gay and undergoing that phase when one does not quite know how to deal with it yet. Because of how she was brought up and her religion. One day she will realize that God loves her no matter what and will come to terms with it.
    You are simply born with it. You are who you are. It is not something you were trained or inculcated, it just is your orientation. You can sense it with the way she moves and talks and just about every fiber of her being. When she come to terms with it, I'm sure shell come out though it wont be easy.

  10. gaby

    If shes gay let her be



  12. ...

    I think she does, in fact, have a boyfriend. His name is Santos (or something like that). Im not sure though...

  13. anon

    I have met Tobin personally. I am gay and a Christian myself. But I could in fact tell the way we interacted and when we took pictures where she put her hand around me and hugged me that she is gay. She may not come out yet but I do believe she has a girlfriend. She might be saying it's a guy to the press but who really wants someone in their business? It ruins relationships and its only right that if her significant other is not in the public eye she keeps it that way.

  14. Anonymous

    Look here motherfuckers I'm santos bitch

  15. Josh holden

    Who cares if she's lesbo she is fine as a motherfucker

  16. Anonymouse

    Omg screw Tobin Heath. probably attended Ridge high school only 5 days a year each grade and still graduated? Ridge High School thinking it's a damn college campus she was NEVER there. Always some stupid soccer tournament

  17. idek

    I went to UNC and I know she had a bf there but idk if they're together now She pings a LOT but I don't think she's gay b/c the churches and musicians she follow on Twitter are all anti gay

  18. rp

    The fact that she is Christian does NOT exclude the fact that she might and can be gay. And don't even get me started on how closeted gay people try very hard to make it look like they do not fall into the "gay side" and post anti-gay shit and follow everything anti- gay. I don't care if she is gay or straight, she is very talented either way and seems like she deserves to be happy with whoever she wants to be happy with. I just can't stand ignorant comments

  19. Net

    Who cares about whether she is happy or straight.
    All I know is that she is an AMAZING soccer player and THAT IS ALL she should be rated on!!
    The fact that she has an open relationship with the big guy upstairs just makes her even more attractive to whomever she chooses or has already chosen to be her significant other!!
    Just sit back and enjoy the worlds game!!!