Thomas Muller’s wife Lisa Muller


  1. CB Prakash

    Hi Lisa,

    You are pretty but I must confess that I like your extremely talented husband more. Do take care of us Indian’s beloved hero Thomas.

  2. Akanksha

    Hi Lisa,
    You know i feel very jelous when i see Thomas with you,i feel very i dnt even have words to express my feeling,but i always try to be happy in his happiness.
    Everyday i pray to god for his happiness,i always pray to god for him and nt for me cus he means everything to me,my world is Thomas.
    The most simple thing that brings a big smile on my face is his happiness his smile.
    May God Bless You Both,May A Smile Remains On His Face Forever And Your Too.
    Ond-Day I Will Meet You Both Specially Thomas Mueller.

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