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Robin van Persie's wife Bouchra van Persie

There's no doubt that Robin Van Persie is a world class striker. Bought by Arsenal in 2004, he began to display his full array of talent once Thierry Henry left the club in 2007. Often injured early on, his 2011 and 2012 seasons were brilliant and he was the leading goal scorer with 30 in 2012. So while we have left little doubt about his striking abilities, there is some question about his track record as a husband. For that, we can look to Robin Van Persie's wife Bouchra.

In a shocking story, the young Dutch and Arsenal striker was accused of rape in 2005. Just one season after moving the Arsenal, Van Persie was accused of the sexual assault by a pole dancer. While she eventually admitted their transgressions were consensual, Van Persie still spent 14 days in jail. Obviously his wife Bouchra found out and admittedly debated leaving him right then and there. They had just been married the year prior in 2004, but no one would have blamed her calling it quits. Ultimately she forgave him and they moved on with their lives, with all accounts that he has been a great husband. They now have two children, named Dina and Shaqueel. Yes, apparently the legend of Shaq made it's way across the Atlantic to Europe.

Bouchra is a of Moroccan and Dutch decent. For whatever reason, there were questions about whether Van Persie had converted to Muslim. We really can't tell why this was brought up or why it would matter, but such is life of a soccer player in England. Up until recently, she has been very open with her husband's fans, but Arsenal fans harassed her and Van Persie to a point that they both quit Twitter around January. Bouchra was very active with charities in London and is now part of the Manchester United WAGS charity group.

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46 Responses to “Robin van Persie's wife Bouchra van Persie”

  1. Nassir

    hey dude say hi to rvp for me am a big fan of u and rvp. am frm kenya and i hope he beats luise suarez in the golden boot this year. tell him to do his best. man utd up!!

  2. rockel bleu

    listen l don't care what pple think bout u guys l just like the way robin plays and that's the reason l watch football and l'm a huge fan of u robin yeah keep it up and keep playing for man u. u are a hero to me and if u keep playing for united, u will win like what you number 20, yeah won our 20 cup this season cos of u man how do u do it.

  3. Anonymous

    Robin ur wife is so beautiful..love d way u play bro

  4. connor

    hi robin i love the way you play i play for rochdale and ive watched you play all my life

  5. sani zango

    rvp u have to convert to true religion i.e ISLAM

  6. sani zango

    rvp u have 2 convert 2 Islam

  7. duncan kabanda

    Hi robin I luv de u play,u hav made man u nt 2 depend on 1 play.indeed yo wife she is beautiful u ar made 4 each other no matter wat happens luv we bring u 2gether.

  8. wesley

    love u rift valley province (RVP)

  9. rovin

    Always loved RVP and his way of playing the most beautiful Game (even when he was a Gunners). And once he joined Man Utd i was over the moon. Thanks for everything and waiting for some great years ahead. No matter which religion you follow - i wish you all the best and stay healthy. you are one of the Football Greats - and that is the first thing i know about you.


    Assalamu aliakum, pls try n let rvp pray. He is humble. It will be good to meet him in paradise. Am a huge fun of ur husban n man u, i'll love to meet him one day. By the way, happy ramadan.

  11. paulo katamba

    cant wait for new season can i ask does shaqueel play for man uniteds youth side did he play 4r arsenals

  12. Vaqas Bobre

    assalaam o alaikum.....m frm india n a huge fan of robin n man utd.......juz let him pray so dat he bcums much stronger......

  13. fikaden

    Hi Robin u r lovely player in the world,But why u change ur attitude towards arsenal? u r smart in arsenal (the prevouos group of strrikers in arsenal i,e rvp,Henery,and so many strrikers ) please go back to arsenal club?

  14. Sonko

    Iam now in kenya iam the neighbour of buchra i like play the ball and i like the team call man und remember me plz rvp

  15. jony master

    ahaha lol u r stupd Ok God Isn `t There ok dnt prying pls OK WE mst killing the mulsm poepls ok the wrld jst boom nd then we r hre OK DONT be stupd u r stpd mlsms hah

  16. d


  17. Kolos Abdulkadir

    As 1 of d bext striker in d world u hav 2 convert into d true religion i.e ISLAM......by d way u are a very good player keep it up and i knw u wil bring man utd 2 glory once again........

  18. robin izu

    robin to be honest u are the best player in the world please give me ur phone number and tell wayne rooney not to leave manchester united.tell david moyes to sign atop class winger and forward like my lovely ROBIN VAN PERSIE.score more goals for me and promise dat u will not let man city give us 6-1 again

  19. Rachel Chelvy

    What Happened in a moslem?! and then you're very hate them. Astaghfirullah..
    for RVP Good Luck for this season.

  20. fadera L.S

    hi rvp's wife try to convert your husband to become a muslim and may god you and bless the non muslims to become muslims as islam is true way of life. Thanks Bouccra for being a muslim sister.

  21. whatever

    does it matter what religion is he? i don't get it with ppl sometimes, why do they need to emphasize on the religion thing? i don't see anyone saying oh messi is a christian or vieri is a buddhist for that matter. if your religion is good (regardless of what religion) ppl will notice it without you telling or broadcasting it to the whole world. stop advertising religion.

  22. michael ongele

    Hello Bouchra
    This is mike taxi man who took care of you when you were in Kenya
    please send me photos we took in Kenya

    mike ongele

  23. ahmed

    robin, please don't convert. it's written in Al-Qur'an that when muslim population is higher than any religion, it's one of the signs of doomsday. that's also the reason why U.S and England help israel when they know palestine is the one who need help.

  24. Sha'aiba muhd

    Rvp pls convert in to true religion so that u hve no regret in the day of judgement n try to rcite qur'an wit eng trans

  25. salim

    Rvp its good for to convert to the true religion muslim

  26. salim

    Hope you should win this year trophy

  27. Anonymous

    That is nice vanperise

  28. ssemugenze huzairu

    Rvp i like de way u played keep it man ure cobine with wayne rooney is v v good.

  29. ssemugenze huzairu

    U play very wel man

  30. ssemugenze huzairu

    I like to play footbal man am very fer u can help mi am in uganda

  31. ssemugenze huzairu

    Hi rvp put on ure efort to pul united in gd position man nyce tyme

  32. ssemugenze huzairu

    Rvp dot worry wil bit suarez on golden boot man huzairu in uganda

  33. Enver Gjoniku

    Liked Robin even when he was playing for Arsenal since he got kicked in the face by the m.f Adebayor.
    And Robin behaved like a proper professional.
    Now that Robin is playing for us I still can't believe it.About the religion I was hoping for him to be a muslim too but anyway one way or another he 8s a very good man and football player and the most important is that he is playing for my Man Utd now.
    Keep doing the good job Robin muslim or not we love you play for our Man Utd.

  34. Mbalu

    I have been a great fan of Robin Van Persie ever since he joined Arsenal. Although you moved to Man u and I being an Arsenal fan i still like the way you play and very often watch your goal on you tube. RVP keen the good professional attitude.

  35. Anonymous

    Do wts in ur heart.

  36. arrychad

    I hope rvp is not a muslim,as you seem to be intolerant to other faiths even shias....as most strife in the eorld is being caused by muslim violence against fellow muslims..you seem to be confused....if there,s a god ,god would be for every one thats peaceful and not just one mob that believes in a book of baloney (just like the bible and torah)

  37. Mbalu

    Tell RVP that he is a great player married to a great beautiful wife. Peter Mbalu from Kenya and a great fan of him and arsenal.

  38. naila muna

    dear Robin and Bouchra van Persie. im a big fan of you two. actually im so envy with you, in young age you have made a happy family. thats so amazing. i hope you always be happy and healthy. with love from Indonesia :-)

  39. Sir~ammar

    Up man utd, i always remember our legend can you please tell your husband to further his stay at man utd so i can remember too.
    Mr. Persie be my next man U legend please.

  40. asad luiz

    tell persie to join chelsea

  41. Angela mansell

    I love van persie my son Ryan is a big man utd fan he plays football like u and is stiker he would like to be a pro when he gets older he is a good player. We went to the match on Tuesday and I was hoping to see u Robbin but u wasn't paying when are u back in the game? Bouche u are a very lucky girl married to Robbin

  42. joseph

    soo blessful to have such a humble man as yo husband n ur children father..
    take good care of him...he is ma true role model...

  43. Nasradih idris

    I like robin very much he was the best player and im happy he join man utd and also hes my muslim brother.from ETHIOPIA

  44. DEVE


  45. lawson

    Witch team did you go to first


    may god guid and protect you van persie