Miroslav Klose’s Wife Sylwia Klose


  1. Clinton St.micheal Davis

    Dear Mrs klose you are married to the coolest German soccer player of all time Miro is my favorite player and I wish him all the luck in the world at the final he has worked hard and he deserves to lift that golden trophy in Brazil this year

  2. Allen Naorem

    Perfect Record, perfect fair play, perfect everything! Now 2 perfectly equal kids! You are perfect Klose! Now go win that FIFA 2014 CUP!!

  3. stuti

    Miro is my dream man since i was 14..i admire him and respect him..sylwia and miro you guys look so nice togather along with your twins!!!!!am very happy for germany..winner of worldcup’14..will miss u miro..stay blessed :-)

  4. lewel

    Since I was a kid, Miroslav Klose was and will always be my favorite footballer player. We will miss you, thank you for all good match at the manshaft. And I wish you the best for you and your familly and congratulation for winning the world cup and beating the goal record (^_^)

  5. Lal Hmachhuani

    ever since i knew football and when i was only 12 years of age i respect Miroslav klosr and still now he’s my favourite footballer among them all … he’ll never fade in my heart . I hope you guys stay healthy and blessed love you ..from Mizoram

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