07/03/12 (Updated)

Megan Rapinoe's Girlfriend Sarah Walsh

07-03-2012: Though we sort of thought that it already was official, it is really now official - Megan Rapinoe is gay. Despite the fact that she has basically admitted as such previously in an interview, Megan Rapinoe officially came out in an interview with Out magazine. The magazine article also makes reference to the fact that Megan Rapinoe's girlfriend, whom she has dated for three years now, is an Australian soccer player. We're trying to figure out who that is, but have been unsuccessful so far. Any tips? We're pretty certain that Megan Rapinoe's girlfriend is Sarah Walsh, a striker for Westfield Matildas and team Australia. Check the pics to the right and let us know if we're right about this.

07-19-2011: Mea culpa. After being directed to an article that appeared in the Windy City Times, it appears that Rapinoe has come out publicly.
Rapinoe is among the most popular Red Stars among the lesbian community, and she's happy about that.

"I think that's a good thing," she said. "I think we need to bring people of all different walks of life into the game. I definitely think there's a place within the Red Stars organization for everyone.

"I want to make people feel like, when they go watch [ the ] team, that there is someone that there's someone like them on the team, and that we're not all the same on the team, that there is diversity. I think that's a good thing for the sport and our team in general."

While Megan Rapinoe has never publicly commented on her sexual orientation, there are a number of unconfirmed rumors floating that suggest her and Abby Wambach used to date. While there is no confirmation to this, Abby has come up repeatedly in our research for Megan Rapinoe's significant other.
Aside from whether she had a fling with Wambach or not, the rest of our research has brought up nothing. We have nothing to suggest that Megan Rapinoe is dating someone, and also nothing to suggest that she's not actually dating anyone. For now, revel in the pics of the 26 year old midfielder.

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35 Responses to “Megan Rapinoe's Girlfriend Sarah Walsh”

  1. LR

    She could hook up with Landon Donovan. They'd make a nice couple. Megan Rapinoe + Landon Donovan= GOAL!

  2. anon

    If you watch any of the US Soccer videos from the World Cup or look at her twitter/facebook she has developed a very close relationship with Ali Krieger. There is a lot of speculation whether Ali is gay or bi but it seems highly suspect. For instance, on Lori Lindsey's twitter account, the picture is of Lori and her gf as well as Megan and Ali celebrating NYE in Vegas. Nothing official but a lot of signs point to that.

  3. Just saying..

    maybe they are all just really close... just becuase you have a really close girl-friend doesnt make you gay.

  4. Anonymous

    Since when is it anyone's business?

    Let the lady see who she wants...

  5. Rick

    Megan, Gay or not, She is beautiful. Along with Solo, they are all hot. I just hope she is happy...

  6. Kenia

    Megan Rapinoe is openly gay.

  7. Anonymous

    Rapinoe is out you guys!
    "Rapinoe is among the most popular Red Stars among the lesbian community, and she's happy about that." http://www.windycitymediagroup.com/gay/lesbian/news/ARTICLE.php?AID=21482

  8. jamie

    where did you see that picture on lori lindsey's twitter account? i can't find it.

  9. steven roach

    who cares? megan rapinoe has elevated the game with her flair and style of football inthis past women's world cup, and along with abby wambach has turned this fan of the men's aspect of the game into a bonafide fan of the women's game as well. Her sexual orientation really does not matter to me- i think she's great and if she ever reads this i hope it inspires her to continue to give 100%, because she has raised the bar on excellence and determination, and also maybe she'll send an e-mail...i really would put an autographed poster alongside the male counterpart posters-she belongs!!

  10. D. C.

    I think everyone should admire their game and skills rather than their orientation, judge them for the work they put out on the field not on who they are dating. It annoys me when people would rather dig and get into their personal lives than to just admire the things they open up for you too see (i.e. Their game).

  11. mbudha

    Hey Megan Rapinoe, i just hope she is happy she was great during tournament in Ujerumani! ohh she is hot with her crosses to her team mate Wombach, go Megan you be your self and be happy. I am waiting for Hope to come out in either way they are all hot.

    Nairobi - Kenya

  12. Anonymous

    She is my hero!!!!

  13. MyPenIsStraight

    No wonder I have the hots for her... Every girl I adore is lesbian.

  14. christine

    You're great. I admire you a lot.

  15. Joey W.

    Mega is so hot !! I'd love to steer her "straight". Actually, I hope she's happy and makes some cash with her good looks............. She could sell ice to eskimos..........

  16. kät

    who cares? megan rapinoe is an amazing mid and she plays great soccer. if She is gay then that makes her even more amazing

  17. Morgan

    Megan and Abby would be a cute coupe thinking about it.. She's a very beautiful person inside and out. I'm 14 and when i make that US WNT im going to marry her.

  18. Amy

    Ali Krieger was in a long term realtionship with a man which ended a few months ago.
    Alex Morgan has been in a 4 year realtionship with her college sweetheart.
    Hope Solo is single but is not a lesbian.
    Megan Rapinoe is openly gay but an AMAZING soccer player.
    All of these people that get caught up in there personal lives of the 21 women sometimes forget the fact that they are Fantastic soccer players. Some people should stop the marriage proposals and start the goal bets.

  19. ashli

    I hate it when I look up megan rapinoe or abby wambach the 3rd or 4th option 2 click on is megan rapinoe gay or abby wambach lesbian...who cares its their life let them live it

  20. C'mon Amy

    Don't you mean "Megan Rapinoe is openly gay AND an AMAZING soccer player."? What's with the "but"? Ouch.

  21. Kate

    Whether or not she's gay, she didn't 'come out publicly' in THAT article, though. She said she's fine with appealing to the gay community and that she believes it's good for the sport if it appeals to a diverse audience--neither of which amounts to her saying, "I am gay." (Sorry, I have a pet peeve about reading more into things than is actually there.)

    Anyway, I think everybody here gets that her orientation has no bearing on her game and doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but this site is at least partly *about* speculating, so for the small scheme of my daydreams ima go ahead and speculate that she is gay, because that works for me. Either way, she's hella hot!

  22. thomas clark

    I love you Megan and Abby thanks for representing our country the way you do! I love this game cause of the whole world basicaly anyone can play not the way you and Abby play but have fun tryig. The hardest is reffing fair They are called laws to protect us and kids have gotten hurt while I have ref I felt like I let their parents or the chid down. Oh well Have a good one
    see You on the slopes this winter in Mammoth


  23. a

    Australian footballer Sarah Walsh.

  24. Pinoe Fan Forever

    Whether she's gay or not, she's my inspiration and I will always look up to her! I'm not lesbian but she's my idol. Let her be and date whoever she wants to date, it's her life and her decision! I love you Pinoe, and I will always look up to you. Don't pay any attention to them haters and keep doing you'r thing ;) BORN IN THE USA <3

  25. Anonymous

    Megan is dating Sarah welsh the two of them went to cabo and had a kiss at one of megan's game

  26. Ordinary New Fan

    I want to thank you for representating the USA (which I love) in a very wonderful positive way. I am a 68 year old white male and just wated to relay that by far the opinion that most people of my generation could care less abou your personal sexual orientation. We base oour views on your personal character and as far as I am concerned, you are one of our countrys wonderful role models for our future leaders . You are red, white and blue as far as I am concerned.

  27. Tony

    I just love that rack!

  28. Valter

    Look, I'm in the same class as Megan's cousin, he has said that Megan is not lesbian and has had many boyfriends. Whatever allegations against Megan are false and she is as straight as a ruler.

  29. crizzlok

    ay que tiene de malo que sea lesbiana o no igual la admiro y mucha la quiero desde venezuela <3 xD

  30. coachmcs

    Real good role model for all young girls playing soccer. Hey look at me I'm gay!

  31. freetospeak

    Sick and wrong.

  32. Dan Hoolihan

    Anyone who has seen the picture of Rapinoe and Walsh kissing, knows just how much of a hot couple they make.

  33. bonitodan

    What a waste.

  34. Oli

    Megan Rapinoe is dating Sara Walsh for 3 years. There are some pictures where they're kissing. Are all of you happy now? Because she is happy being OPENLY gay.

  35. dawn

    I think it is cool Megan told the world she is gay.