Matt Besler’s Wife Amanda Besler

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  1. Jessica Tracy

    Hi Amanda,

    I just want to tell you how much I appreciate the charity work you, Matt, SKC and Victory KC/Bradenshope have done to spread awareness about childhood cancer. I have never had cancer but suffer from potential life threatening illnesses. I have friends who have kids with cancer and so I am glad you two are making a difference along with Victory KC and SKC, Royals and Chiefs!! I am 31 yrs old and have had untreated Lyme for what will be 8 years this Nov. I am allergic to all oral antibiotics that kill and treat the Lyme Disease. I thought my health was bad 7 yrs ago when I first got sick….little did I know I would have a pulmonary embolism with multiple small blood clots that formed in my left lung and multiple small blood clots that formed in my right lung toward my spine area. That was on Dec. 16th-17th of 2013 when I was unresponsive when my parents found me in the morning and called an ambulance. I was told I nearly escaped death twice. I have to take Xarelto blood thinner the rest of my life due to finding out past Jan. I have Lupus Antiphospholipid Syndrome. But what I deal with is nothing compared to cancer and especially as a child. I may not be able to work because of my illnesses and unreliability of when i will have my ‘best as i can feel’ days. But at least I had a pretty good childhood despite the Asthma attacks, breathing machine, not being able to be outside on high pollen or mold days. I learned to appreciate life and the little things a lot more after I got sick. And to give these children a chance at happiness and help with medical bills for their families means everything to them I am certain. Tell Matt a belated congrats on the humanitarian award for me and keep up the good work :)

    Jessica Tracy

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