Mario Gomez’s girlfriend Silvia Meichel


  1. Ris

    They look good together. I just love the way they are. It is amazing that they have been together for 8 years. I like Mario, he is simple and I think he is loyal. Many girls will throw themselves on him but what makes a man truly man is not how he is surrounded by many girls but how he can cherish a relationship. Mario,you deserve all the happiness in the world.Keep it up and remember when a relationship ends, another begins. I am waiting for you if you broke up with her. hehehhe,Nope,I am joking only. All the best to you both. Love youuu:)

  2. Ived

    Leave the love birds alone. They look so adorable and inseparable. Eight years of relationship sounds very loyal of them to each other. Mario is a very handsome lad and many girls would be itching to get him. He looks very sexy in the way he plays football, walks, looks, talks and smiles. Everything is charming about him. He looks more handsome in his new short hair look. I hope he proposes to his girlfriend after Euro 2012. All the best to you both.

  3. Laura

    Stumbled upon this article a couple of years later…and look how right you were! He is married to Carina now

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