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Kaka's wife Caroline Celico

Kaka and his wife Caroline Celico met in 2002 in their native country of Brazil. Despite their six year age difference, faith brought them together. They married 3 years later in 2005. So far, very normal. However, unlike basically every athlete we have covered to date… they were both still virgins on their wedding day. Seriously.

Both Kaka and Caroline are very religious and openly celebrate their Christian faith. In 2007, Kaka proudly announced that the couple had remained celibate until tying the note. Kaka told the Italian Vanity Fair "The Bible teaches that true love waits until marriage. If our life today is so beautiful, I think it is because we waited." The couple now has two children, ages 1 and 3.

Following her husband’s signing with Real Madrid, Caroline founded a church in Madrid and she is known to occasionally sing in the choir there. She has also released a Christian music album, which Kaka appears on for one song that he wrote for her. Although she is described as being shy, she was quoted as saying this following Kaka’s move to Madrid - “God put the money in the hands of Real Madrid to bring Kaka to Madrid, God want us here and it is a blessing, so meanwhile daddy scores in the field we are going to smash the devil’s head." Maybe a bad translation, or maybe just crazy. We’ll let you be the judge.

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16 Responses to “Kaka's wife Caroline Celico”

  1. John

    I couldn't wait 3 years to "Hit Her" if she was in my life. She is super hot and I'd have to "take several test drives" before deciding I wanted to "buy the car"

  2. Venus

    As a christian i understood what she meant for smashing devil's head.that is why she put up or organized a church in madrid. Worldly people cant really understand God's thoughts or teaching. As God said "my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts"

  3. Daniel Zambrano

    God bless you kaka and her wife and children

  4. ayodele samuel adebimpe

    I read ur profile nd am so happy abt ur story so touching dat we can still find among the white dat still preserve themselve before getting married nd still believe d true gospel I am so impressed my prayer for you is dat God'll strenghten u nd ur husband IJN.

  5. Borax

    Very and best example of a christian couple

  6. Seiboi Lhouvum

    May God bls u n ur family Caroline

  7. Anonymous

    the best

  8. segun olawepo

    i bless God for ur lives as i personally share d same faith wit u.u r my mentor n d lord wil grant more in ur lives2 impart souls.

  9. duncan kabanda

    Indeed u ar Good example 2 christian couple,all de best

  10. Anonymous

    May the lord ble u N ur family,kaka is my best player in d world.

  11. Jason

    Wow! Did this guy, John, say finding a wife is like buying a car???

  12. Anonymous

    May Lord bless u and ur family. Kaka: simply d best

  13. Anonymous

    Very impressive...
    N dis is indeed so amazing to hear dat they both waited till marriage n r now enjoying their life..:)

  14. Charisma

    Granted, they were only 18 and 23 when they got married but still a great example :)

  15. walaza

    Ma bst player of all time KAKA n m a cristin too so obviusly HE's ma brather of faith .my the LORD bless u n yr wndfull family

  16. Ariinda Ronald Ritzy

    ts real teaching...i really love kaka