Jakub Blaszczykowski’s Wife Agata Gołaszewska

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  1. Dryson

    Although this is a soccer site I have one very emporering question to ask?

    We know that men have been to the Moon and walked upon it unleashing a fury on planet Earth that has not been seen since the days of Alexander the Great. In the last 50 years many advances have been made because of humanities reach into the unknown. But one reach has not yet been accomplished. That reach is for the first female manned flight to the Moon where the first women will walk on the shores of a new destiny. A new destiny that will empower all of humanity like it did when men first walked on the Moon. But more importantly such a mission will empower women to for the first time in the history of humanity to leave their footprint on the soul of the Universe thus raising not only the spirit of humanity but the spirit of equality across the world. Equality that will further destroy the enemy of this planet. So when will women demand of their governments that they to like the men who landed on the Moon want the same equality of embarking on a mission for all humanity? When will women walk on the Moon?

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