Hope Solo’s boyfriend Adrian Galaviz


  1. antonio

    Hope Solo is the Brandy Chastain of this team, she is awesome
    and is the sexiest female athlete of the year…lets see a big
    computer desktop theme of her guys.

  2. Josie

    hope solo is the best goal keeper in the whole world and im happy for her to have a boyfriend who loves her for her and not because of her fame :) GO HOPE SOLO!!!

  3. Sjorie

    Solo is a very pretty girl. Thank God she is normal. What kind of f..up name is “Hope”. There should be a law against giving kids weird names. Does she have a sister named “Despair” maybe. Great goalie nevertheless.

  4. linda

    Hope Solo!!!!!! Great Game! I’ve seen a lot of soccer growing up and I must say… U are the BEST goalie. Yes, better then men goalies iv seen. USA TEAM must stay together and run for the World Cup in 2015!!!!!!! All of u played GREAT! By the way ur ex, get rid of him. Ur a beautiful lady! U can do slit better!!!

  5. Anonymous

    i used to really like girls with blonde hair but i am starting to like girls with darker hair thanks to hope solo and alex morgan

  6. Annonymous

    Hope, Good Job as a goalie! you were great… just because you didnt catch a couple goals doesnt mean your not one of the best goalies… if not THE BEST! You win as a team as well as loose as a team. dont think you lost because you are a bad goalie… ur not! and you are one BEAUTIFUL GIRL! (to anonymous: just because alex and hope have darker hair is no reason not to still like girls with blonde hair! hair doesnt matter… its whats inside that counts…. DUH!)

  7. Mr. Death

    Adrian is as ugly as fuck! Dump him on his ass Hot Hope Solo! Didn’t you already break up with the fucking loser? Hope should pose for Maxim in a bikini. It will make her hotter pardon the pun. haha ;) xoxo btw Hope Solo and Alex Morgan look hot in dresses and heels.

  8. CDogg

    THere is a rumor going around that Hope is engaged to some other dude! I am assuming it isn’t true and this dude a liar!

  9. Lilli

    Hope solo needs someone lik me….jk.Hope is my idol and i now tat shes gonna come out the closet one day i hope.i luv evrything about her and about Alex, Megan rapinoe,Abby wambach, and Carli llord… I think tat all of you r the sexiest soccer players in womens soccer history:)

  10. Lilli

    Hope i luv your name hope u now tat im solo an waiting for u 2 show me how to grab balls the way you do.And teach u how 2 lik girlz….deal!!!

  11. Megan

    Some of these comments are so rude to Adrian. Peeps it doesn’t really matter who she is dating it matters if she is happy. (@Sjorie Hope’s name is PERFECT!)

  12. ruth

    I get sick of people talking down Adrian. he is my nephew and a great guy .He has a heart of a lion and is the sweetest boy. everyone that really knows him loves him.As far as looks go he is a dream and has had alot of girls after him,he stays ture to Hope.She knows that she is lucky to have him and he feels the same about her.

  13. Sammy

    wow hope you define perfect! Such beauty and “babeness” not to mention your keeping skills especially against japan. You Rock

  14. Nheng

    I love hope as one of my best idol in womens soccer,just be happy hope to your new bf i wish u all the best.i hope u still playing soccer until nex w.cup and olympic game.gudluk team usa i love u all.i am a filipino fan of uswnt.

  15. Luciald Jones

    You know what im starting to think Hope sexy.I can just imagine her nice warm lips against mine.I love her.Those boobs have work though

  16. $1 Hope Hope Solo Adrian Galaviz - Work Exposed Blog

    […] Hope Solo’s boyfriend Adrian Galaviz – PlayerWives.com – We’re not exactly sure how long Hope Solo was dating Adrian Galaviz. The two were dating in 2007, but by 2010, Hope was more than happy to announce that she was single. Adrian is a Seattle area party promoter, who is also apparently one hell of a USA soccer fan. […]

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