Giovani Dos Santos’ Girlfriend Alexia Imaz


  1. Mar

    His name is not “Johnny Two Saints”. His father is Brazilian, which means his last name is actually of Portuguese origin. “Dos Santos” in Portuguese means “of the Saints”. Just wanted to clarify that one for you.

  2. michelle

    something keeps telling me that they broke up…. all the pictures and videos they took together and posted on instagram and twitter are mysteriously missing from both accounts…and they dont follow each other…i could have sworn there was a video on new years where they ate grapes and photos where they were kissing each other they are missing…isnt that a little weird

  3. Tumiiey

    I really like Giovani he is more than an inspiration to me he is been my crush since 2010 im even willing to go study in Mexico jus so I cn meet him it would be a dream come true even if he’s married a picture nd an autograph will mean alot to me❤???

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