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Considered by many to be one of the top goalies ever Gianluigi (Gigi) Buffon is currently prepping for an epic final in Euro 2012 verse Spain. Without Gigi Italy more than likely would be home watching the finals as he made a few key shootout saves in the quarterfinals against England. Whether Italy wins or loses in the final is truly irrelevant as in our books Gigi is already a winner when you look at his wife. Alena Seredova is a Czech born model who has been with Gigi for quite some time now.

The couple had two kids, Louis Thomas and David Lee before they married in June of 2011. Having worked in Italy as a model Alena also started a clothing line with one of Buffon's Italian teammates, Christian Vieri. The name of the clothing line is Baci e Abbracci and no I do not own anything from that line. Alena's sister Eliska is also a model and every bit as good looking as her sister. While Gigi is considered one of the greats he is in a bit of controversy back home. Italian soccer is notorious for match fixing and one of the teams Buffon played for, Parma, has been implicated in match fixing right before Euro 2012. Not shocking that the country that gave us characters in the Godfather would be involved in shady match fixing. It was even suggested by some that Italy withdraw from the tourney until everything is sorted out. Now Italy is one win away from another championship and I would expect all the charges to vanish.

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