Carles Puyol’s girlfriend Giselle Lacouture and ex-girlfriend Malena Costa


  1. Zinha

    Funny article, but also funny that I know maaaany women including myself that think Carles is absolutely sexy!

  2. madalin

    yeah,funny article.Well,U know how they say: “life’s a bitch and then U die”.I guess Malena Costa learnt the hard way that we’re living in a cold world.. 2 B honest,12 years differncial is quite a big one,I’m thinkin’ Puyol realized that she was 2 young 4 him.. U know,there comes a time in every man’s life when he grows 2 much 4 certain things and perhaps he needed a woman more matured next 2 him.. But what do I know..?I’m just sayin’.. Anyway,bottom line: VISCA BARCA i VISCA CATALUNYA !!!

  3. madalin

    re: “I guess Malena Costa learnt the hard way that we’re living in a cold world..” – she should’ve known this already by then since she worked as a model,a job full of shady and sinister muhf*ckas!

  4. Marta Paglianni

    The country is Colombia, no Columbia. Cristopher Columbus was known as Christophero Colombo and mostly Cristobal Colon and also die with that name. Never a Columbus he was Latin no Anglo. Therefore the country Colombia named after him.

  5. Jon Smith

    okay if a girl says that she thinks puyol is hot then she is either blind or lying. Look at his hair… its absolutely disgusting. stop lying hoes…

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