04/23/13 (Updated)

Barcelona's Dani Alves wife (ex) Dina Alves

Once again we learn a very important lesson from Brazilian and Barcelona defender Dani Alves. If you are going to get a tattoo of a woman on your arm please make sure the relationship will last. Do you have any idea how bad tattoo removal hurts? Not that we'd know, but everyone says it hurts!!

Sadly Dani is learning this lesson the hard way. After 3 years of marriage and two children Dani and Dina Alves split late in 2011. The split was confirmed by Dani. Like most celebrity relationship that ends in divorce there have been rumors, unconfirmed rumors, that the reason for the breakup was infidelity, which we've found to happen time and time again with professional athletes.

To date we haven't been able to find any pictures or leads on a new lady for Dani. Could be that there currently isn't one as the separation came right in the middle of the season for Dani.

Fun fact for you: Dani and Dina are anagrams of each other. How about that, huh?!

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