07/27/11 (Updated)

Ali Krieger's boyfriend (ex) Brent Wise

I think everyone owe's Ali Krieger's ex boyfriend, Brent Wise a debt of gratitude.
In late January, 2006 Ali was struggling to catch her breath. She called her doctor due to the discomfort and made an appointment for the following morning. After the irregular breathing and erratic heart rate would not subside, pre-med student Brent insisted she go to the hospital. While in the Emergency Room, the realized she was forming blood clots in her lungs, forming a pulmonary embolism, which was actually causing multiple small heart attacks. Ali later acknowledged that the doctor's told her that had she gone to sleep that night, there's a chance she never would have woken up.
Nice save, Brent.

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5 Responses to “Ali Krieger's boyfriend (ex) Brent Wise”

  1. dude

    dude why are you posting boyfriends here.. isnt this playerWIVES?

  2. thinds

    We cover all players, dude...

  3. BigRed

    Also, let's be honest - this is basically just an excuse for us to post Ali Krieger. Are you really complaining about four photos of her and no photos of him?

  4. Mel

    Shes currently dating Ashlyn Harris another soccer player.

  5. MSD

    Is she lesbian ??? Wow ....