Alex Morgan’s boyfriend Servando Carrasco


  1. Erick

    Come-on Servando, you should like the women’s soccer anyways, regardless of your beautifull girfriend, who by the way in my opinion was the best in the World Cap.
    I think our girls will beat our boys, I mean both US selections.
    You are not a bigot, are you?

  2. Tony


  3. Fhahgj247184xhs

    How could u b dating that guy u r way to much of a hot and sexy women for him u should b dating Ronaldo!!!!!

  4. Mr. Death

    Alex Morgan is FUCKING HOT! I would do her in a NY minute. Dump that loser on his ass! He is a nobody! She should pose for Maxim in a bikini. It would make her even hotter. Pardon the pun. lol Alex and Hope look sexy in dresses and heels. ;) xoxo

  5. yourbiggestfan

    hi, morgan i love you sooooo much,……. i wanna just like you when i grow up….. your my helo and role model i look up to you! i love soccer and im a froward just like you:) my couch calls me -2 cuz my number is 15 and yours is 13….. but i want to be JUAT like you1

  6. Yourbiggestfan

    Alex morgan you are my role model, and the person i look up to:) when i grow up i wanna be just like u :) ilove soccer and my couch calls me -2 cuz my number is 15 and yours is 13… But when i watch you on tv i think aboout me being just like you:) well i hope u read this

  7. Ryan

    I’m not gunna sit here and hate on her boyfriend, because I don’t know the guy. Yes Alex Morgan was the hottest Olympic athlete this year, and if given the opportunity I’d date her in a heart-beat! Speaking of which, I will say this; I don’t understand why celebrities seemingly have to date/marry other celebrities.

  8. June

    Alex is definitely on another level than this guy. She is way to hot for him. And her talent and skills are off the chart. Servando is not even on the radar to be on the National team. Not hating the guy, he’s probably nice and all. But Alex deserves someone on equal Level at a minimum.

  9. n/a

    Servando Carrasco and Alex Morgan should pose together for S.I Swimsuit… they are a cute couple. Servando is my hero as he took down the creeps going after the “babyhorse” by proposing to her!!!! I’m rooting for both of them. The biggest moment since the New England Patriots winning their first Super Bowl.

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