Tyson Gay’s girlfriend (ex) Shoshana Boyd


  1. Ulric Graham

    Shoshana, looks beautiful outside, but I have no idea about the condition of her heart, mind, spirit, and soul. Who is she ? and is she a woman who exemplify the king of understanding, love, patience, knowledge, and wisdom of a mature woman?

    That is left to be seem.

    God Bless Tyson and Shshana.


  2. Nicolette Smith

    I recently got to meet Shoshana and she is one of the most sincere, respectful, beautiful, and bright woman I have met. She is a great woman of God and I enjoyed meeting her. I do think Tyson deserves to with a woman like her.

    God Bless Her!

  3. Mel

    #foolery Beauty on the outside, is not beauty on the inside. Shoshana Boyd had a long affair with a married man with no remorse. So sad. A woman of God, is not a title she should have. Time does change people and hopefully she learned that being a home wrecker is ungodly. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you? Tyson should keep his options open. He will find the love of his life. He is a great guy and father!

    I hope his daughter follows his lead and not the adulterous behavior of her mother. Beautiful little girl.

  4. Tony

    Its true she is a terrible person!!! She really needs to get her life together. I hope his daughter follows his foot steps not hers

  5. Angela

    How do u know if she is a terrible person ? Have u been around her ? Have u spent time with her? People kill me going off heir say and really don’t know that person . She is not on here to even defend herself and I could bet that none of you would even go to her and say it to her face. How is she a terrible person and she is the one that take care of their daughter 24/7 . You wanna bash someone bash Tyson. He never goes to visit their daughter . Puts a front in for the public I can count on one hand how many time he has flew his daughter to visit but has only attended one cheer competition and she has been cheering since she was 5yrs old has also only attended 2 tracks meets and she has been running for 4yrs. Thins woman is an amazing and humble woman . She doesn’t live beyond her means and doesn’t a care to. So if their is turns out to be amazing like her mom which is already is it is because of her mother . Know your facts before you go and judge someone . Like I said none of u would say it to her and I can bet u all are just jealous bc you keep her name in your mouth.. Like I said before get ur like or kill urself!!! Bahhahahaha !!!!

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