Suzy Favor-Hamilton’s Husband Mark Hamilton


  1. jo green

    What.!!!how can a man have a wife who is a hooker. Imagine it. Thinking she has been with strangers all day. I mean could you kiss that mouth knowing where it has been yuk!

  2. gsoguy

    i can easily imagine it. She was not a street hooker spending day after day jumping in and out of cars. She was a consenting adult providing an occasional high end service to another consenting adult and how she and her husband chose to conduct thier life is thier business, not yours. Grow up and get a life.

  3. getting4

    Imagine that, it would be a complete wounder, knowing she will do ‘owt for an extra 300 dollars but not putting out at home. You would hope the extra practice would help. It would suit a cuckold, but come on, how many of you want that, how was your day honey? oh you know, up and down.

  4. MikeB

    I would be interested to know the history of how he came to accept it. At what point did he know she was sleeping with another man? I’m sure it was long before she decided to admit, “hey honey, I think I’m going to be a hooker”

  5. Shaka S

    Mark, I am impressed with your love and strength to endure the thought of your wife sexually pleasuring other men or women. It would be very hard for me to have the one I love engaging in sex with others. Perhaps you are stronger than most other men and perhaps you truly understand the meaning of true LOVE that escapes guys like me. I salute you and yet I am in awe of the images that would run rampant through my head for the rest of my life.I guess if we really look at us as humans, we are basically sexually motivated, even though Suzy says it was all about coping. In any event, I somehow admire you and wish you and your wife Suzy the best of luck. Any man who can move on through this experience deserves some kind of kudo……

  6. A Case OSENSE

    In this day and age, I cant believe anyone could say this is shocking. What people do and enjoy with their own bodies as long as it doesnt hurt others or even concern others is there business. If she enjoyed it and her husband didnt mind enough to stop it then I say more power to them!

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