Shaun White’s girlfriend Bar Refaeli


  1. RM

    That Bar chic needs to eat something, take the bitch to Subway or Arby’s, kinda looks like a an Auschwitz prisoner in lingerie.

  2. TK

    Articles are constantly demeaning to Shaun. It’s repulsive already… He is a very handsome young man with a GREAT sense of humor and speaks intelligently and well on a variety of topics. Just search his interviews with Jay Leno or Conan O’Brien! Shaun also regularly contributes his time and $$ to charities such as St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital and the Boys and Girls Clib of America. He’s a good guy and smart and he’s multitalented on snowboard and skateboard!

    Just YouTube one of his interviews and you can just tell how well spoken he is. He’s smart, funny, and GORGEOUS!!!! Anyone who doesn’t think so needs to get their eyes examined!

    He’s won dozens of gold and other medals in two different sports!!! All she does is pose and smile. Let’s be real here okay people??

    -Shaun Admirer, 39

  3. Jamie

    I love Shaun.. I have always thought he was super hot. Totally not the typical tall dark and handsome but that makes him even more appealing. His smile is as contagious as a yawn.

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