Shani Davis’ Girlfriend: A Japanese Love Affair


  1. eric phillips

    A chooses whom he loves without control no one knows why we make the choices we do but
    i know this when we truly love nothing else matters.

  2. Amena

    As reported: “US Olympic Speed Skater Shani Davis has done a good job of keeping his girlfriend away from the press. He often mentions her in passing but her name and personal bio is a mystery.”

    My comments: Keeping girlfriend away from the press and her name and personal bio is a mystery??????? I am wondering if his girlfriend is really a HE, and Shani will eventually deliver a shocker to the world like the rest of those Black sick sex idiots? It all sounds very strange to me.

  3. Amena


    That’s why there is a shortage of single African American men for African American women. I do not believe in interracial relationships involving people of African descent–commitment to the Creator first and then commitment to their race. Persons involved in such relationships are of no value to their own people.

  4. Mary i didn’t make moderation, LOL ?
    Why..because i said something you didn’t like even though i was respectful about it, or because i wouldn’r tell you what you are too lazy to find out for yourself , LOL ?

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