Who is Nathan Chen’s Girlfriend?


  1. soren

    I’m a figure skating fan and this is news to me… and a bit surreal because I didn’t think anyone cared about figure skaters… I doubt he has a girlfriend now tbh.

  2. joirin

    i don’t think that mai is nathan’s gf, we fs fan just ship them together,but i personally don’t think that mai is nathan’s gf

  3. Anonymous

    This site needs to be updated and reworded to reflect that some athletes are WOMEN. Looks ridiculous to refer to “player wives and gfs” and then list men under it.

  4. Nicki Hazelett

    After Nathan is finish with college at Yale and done with skating when he is completely done with skating nicely not as a fan I hope I can be his official girlfriend if he lets me. And opens his heart to me and gives me a chance with him. I share some of his likes and dislikes. I really want to be in his arms loving and hugging not letting go of him. My feelings for him are very real yes they are. I hope he feels the same way about me that I do feel for him. I wanted start and be the next chapter of his life if he lets me. Not as a fan of his. I really mean all of this from my heart if my mom would let me go and go to court to get out of the guardianship of me to be with Nathan for real. Please Nathan give me a chance with you not as a fan but as your new official girlfriend and maybe sometime be your wife if you let me and open your heart to me and give a chance to prove to you that I can be your new girlfriend and friend. Let me be one. I do really like/love not as a fan but I do and I am not interested in any other guys. Just you. I hope I can hear from you or see you in person live which I really want to do. Not as a fan. TEAM USA

  5. Nicki Hazelett

    I still want to be Nathan’s, second love. His first love skating. If Nathan says I can be his second love, then I can make that official. I am really still trying to hold to be his second love. I do know that he is busy with college and skating at the moment right now which I really understand for real. I just want him to really know that I just see him as a real person on/off the ice. That’s how I do see him. Not in a fan way. I want to really make eye contact with him. To look him in the eye(s). And want to: still, kiss him on his lips, hold his hands if he lets me, put my arms around him, pair skate with him for real, take his shirts off of him, touch his body, and for real get into bed with him. Put my hand on where his heart is. I want to show him that I love him. That I want to be with him.

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