Marlen Esparza’s Boyfriend and Marriage Ambitions


  1. roshun

    hey dont rush baby you have plenty time to get married boxing is your first love so dont give up you are beautiful inside and out i would marry you

  2. Rodrigo

    Don’t trip babe il be waitin here for you until you want a man. No rush baby I would wait a while for someone like usted chikita.

  3. Martin

    It is great to know that there is people like you yet
    I am 41 single only 1 real love and happy for how I am
    The real happyness is in the spiritual level look for that and
    Have a great life

  4. ShelbyPowell

    Don’t trip girl I’m just like you I only had one boyfriend and I am 19 and I also want a wedding FOR REAL THOUGH!

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